Monday, September 8, 2008

On Working With Rocks:

Mountain Man was busy yesterday. The wall to the north of the garden had been left unfinished because we have been busy elsewhere. He had been thinking about it thou and had been making preparations for the next step.

Mountain Man likes to add into his walls the odd larger stone, Okay bolder. (I say this not as a technical term. I call any rock heavier then two people can lift a bolder.) And yesterday was the day.

He had taken the tractor and after placing a heavy chain around it dragged a bolder into the yard and fairly close to the wall. He worked all morning on inching the bolder up off the ground. First one side then the other.

He took a break and we met with my new friend from the craft store and her boyfriend at a local cemetery and took a few cemetery pictures. I can’t wait to show them to you but I am still working on them.

Once home again Mountain Man was back at work on the wall. And since I had the camera out I got in a few shots.

The crib holding up the bolder.

After is was high enough and in the right position he chained it up again and pulled back on the bar he rigged with a fulcrum. It rolled right into place.

Mountain Man was up until after dark filling in around the bolder so I got this shot this morning.

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Judith said...

Magnificent feat of engineering! My guy could tell me how to do that kind of stuff, but he'd not do it. And I'd prefer he didn't because I don't want to be taking care of someone who's bedridden with a pulled muscle in his back!

Great pix! THanks for sharing!