Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On Fixing Stuff in Fall:

Lets see I spelled or mistyped the name of an author of the book ‘Ring World’ a few days ago on my blog. Larry Niven is his name. I went back and corrected it.

I’ve been daring socks, fixing pulls in clothing, replacing buttons, you know the pile of things that accumulate in the sewing basket. Okay, it’s a plastic bag but you get the picture. I do have a sewing basket with my sewing supplies inside and use it a lot.

Autumn brings on the ‘fix it’ gene overdrive mode. We fix and get ready for the winter months. This includes checking and replacing weather striping before the wind is blowing through and other things like that. Once it gets colder we will button down and plasticize things to keep the weather out but this is fixing so we can relax with less work around here when we just want to snuggle up to the woodstove.

Busy bees we have turned into as we fix things and fill canning jars. We do little more then go all day and sleep like the dead at night. I miss having hours to just sit and write stories. I do keep a note pad and pen next to me so I don’t loose ideas but it’s not the same.

I feel I must be boring at this time of year. My answer is always the same to ‘How you doing?’ “Busy” as I try to hurry off the phone to get back to work. ‘What are you up to?’ “Getting vegetables ready for canning.” ‘Aren’t you done with that yet?’ “No, It is time consuming hard work that I love to do each year.” ‘Why not just get a job and buy your food?’ “Because this ‘Is’ my job without the middle man.” ‘Oh, Call me when you’re done.’ “Okay, talk to you in November.” ‘What?’ “You know, After I’m done making apple butter, or maybe pumpkin butter this year.” ‘That long?’ “Yup, but I’m off after that until spring.” ‘You have the life.’ “Tell that to my blisters.”

I am knitting up a pair of sleeves for a sleeveless top I like. I have had old lady arms all my life. My upper arms sag, elephant ear arms. This is a family trait that we all have, even the skinnies. It was made worse by my weight gain and loss. I’m going to pretend here that I have some ancestor who could fly and leave it at that. But the up shot is I don’t often do sleeveless. I’ll take a picture of that fix when it’s done.

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