Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On The Power of Power:

I am sorry to say that I can not post the pictures I planned on showing you or even post on time. I am without power. A large thunder storm rolled through and the electricity at my house is off.

As I sat waiting for my nail polish to dry and for the lights to come back on I thought about just how much I rely on power.

My train of thought of course started with the query what do I do next. Blogging? No. My laptop needs a charge and is not web accessible where I live and my desk computer it now just holding down the table it is sitting on. Laundry? No, on two fronts. The machine needs electricity to run and so does the well to get the water into the house. Shower? No, refer to laundry reason. Read? No, the sky to still too dark with the storm to see to read by even right by the window and the lightning is too distracting.

This was getting serious. If this turns into stress I’d start to eat my way out of it and not having anything to keep my hands busy right now I’d gain twenty pounds by noon. Okay! Snap out of it! Take a breath!

By now you are saying to yourself ‘What is wrong with this woman? Doesn’t she have a flash light or some candles?’ Why yes I do. Why didn’t I think of that. Probably because I’ve gotten so used to having power at my fingertips by now.

This is coming from a woman who, at one time, lived for years mind you, in a commune without electricity. And yet I freaked out instead of just collecting myself and moving on. Why? Because I didn’t want to think of myself as living without my comforts, ease and distractions.

I sat by my candle and knitted for a while and thought just how far I’d fallen from the person I once thought myself to be. I thought I was above it all only to find out I am a silly weakling after all. And all it took was one thunder storm with the lights out for a couple of hours.

This Blog posted courtesy of a friend’s computer and electricity. Many thanks, D.

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