Monday, September 22, 2008

On Bugs in a Package:

Mountain Man came in the other day and asked me to look at a chrysalis so I grabbed my camera. Isn’t it just beautiful? The soft green with the gold flecks. In some lights the flecks are silver.

Mountain Man puts the stick in a large jar in the kitchen so we can watch it every day. And yesterday morning the chrysalis had turned from green to a rusty brown.

Before I got the camera out we got some unexpected company. A friend of Mountain Man’s came over to have his two girls fish in the pond. The young middle school aged women had a good time fishing. The day was beautiful and they went home with a good catch.

After they left we went to check on the chrysalis and we found a very limp, damp butterfly.

So we brought it outside in the sun and let it do it’s thing. It’s body had been bulbous when we first saw it in the jar but it changed shape. The body elongated and the wings filled out.

Before it flew away I managed to get one good open winged picture.

Happy Equinox Everybody!

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