Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On Autumns Arrival:

Well it happened. Autumn arrived at my house. It had been sending little hints and feelers out in advance. But for me it is the smell and yesterday when I walked out the door it was there.

It is a smell of cool, dry leaves, old vegetation, overcast days that only threaten to rain, burning leaves, orange pumpkins, honking geese in flight, the smallest of shivers just on the very surface of the skin, and coming home.

It is the sound of stillness, birds and bug have moved on and you can hear the quiet left behind, the hush of leaves turning in color from lush green to riotous yellows and flaming oranges, the busyness of small animals collecting for the cold weather to come and the fire crackling in the wood stove.

It is the sight of the garden being readied for its winter rest, the skeletal forms of trees and bushes coming through after hiding under their summer green coats, the woods opens up and the feeling of space moves in making me feel small and the comforters are found at the foot of the beds.

It is the taste of apples, pumpkin soup, fig cookies, raisins, school lunches wafting through the halls mixed in with school books and pencils sharpener shaving, sun shine on the face, sweaters wrapped around your shoulders, stuffing, chocolate milk and fresh baked cookies.

The feel of the breeze on my cheek, cool on one side and sunny warm on the other, damp leaves, the crunch of them under foot, spicy apple butter on crackers, cheese, stuffed animals, hugs, smoke rising from chimneys, and the safety of mothers arms.

All of this and more rushed through my brain and soul as the first breath of autumn in the air filled my nostrils and heart. For me Autumn is Wonderful.

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Judith said...

I love autumn! It won't be arriving here for another few weeks. I love when the leaves have turned colors, the air is crisp and cold as an apple, and the sun is shining through a bright blue sky. We're getting milder weather here -- a bit cooler in the mornings but warming up to near 80ยบ in the afternoons. I'm enjoying taking walks.