Thursday, September 11, 2008

On 911:

911 This is a sad anniversary for me. One, because the country in which I live was attacked on that day. And two, I knew some of the people killed on that day.

I grew up a few miles from the Twin Towers and watch them be built out my bedroom window. I now live in Pennsylvania and have since the mid seventies and although I didn’t know anyone on the plane that went down in Shanksville PA I did know people who died in both the Twin Towers site and at the Pentagon.

My personal feelings for the people I knew who died aside, I have deep feeling for what happened to us as nation. We were torn apart that day and I don‘t believe that the wound has healed much at all. Many lives have been lost since that day in the pursuit of the culprits and their associates and many families have experienced first hand that loss. We should all still be in mourning for them until the war is over and no more lives are lost.

On the upside, and there is an upside, we have not had another large attack on our shores since then. I am grateful for the new safety standards keeping me and my family safe even if they can be time consuming at times. And even with the troubles with the current economy we still have one of the best countries to be living in.

Nothing is perfect and never will be but we still have opportunities open to us and that means a lot. I am free to be a Romantigoth woman with opinions. And you are free to be what you are here also. None of us are free to harm others. There are limits and it should be that way.

I will mourn today but remember the good I still have to hold on to.

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