Monday, September 15, 2008

On Thoughts on a Clothes Line or A Difference of Opinion:

I was hanging laundry out to dry and I got to thinking about life, the universe, and everything. I glance down the line of black clothing enjoying the look of it all. Dark and stark against the bright blue sky. I liked the contrasts. We can agree to disagree if you like.

The world these days seems to be tipping on it’s axis. Disasters both earth and man made seem to loom in all directions. Weather has gone crazy, earth quakes, financial institutions collapsing, housing crises, train wrecks, and planes going down.

The sky is falling for so many people. I don’t live in a bubble. Times are tough for me as well. I feel sorry to the point of being distraught about it all at times. I am not liking this at all.

I know what it is like to loose ones home, it has happened to me. I know what it is like to loose ones family to death, my son rests in the ground. I know what it is like to be starving, there was a point in my life that for lack of food I was under doctors care for starvation and it was not self imposed. I know what it is like to have fire and flood take away family treasures. I know what it is like to loose ones health and face death, I have had cancer.

I tell you all this not to gain your sympathy, but because I have been there and understand loss. I choose to be positive. Not a Pollyanna, head in the sand kind but a standing my ground and pulling myself up by my bootstraps kind of positive attitude.

Having devastation in your life doesn’t mark you as a special case. Few people get through life without having some kind of human suffering. It is what helps us grow in character and move forward, it makes us stronger. It also makes us understand each other better.

There is another thing that happens at these times. It separates people into those that can cope and those that can’t. I feel for those people also. There have been times that I have been in both categories.

Their are those that email me and try to get me to comment on the state of the world. You are free to go elsewhere to read blogs on those subjects or even start your own blog if you like.

This is my little oasis from the big bad wide world. Yes, trouble finds me here too. And with my weight issues I do complain at times. I’m fine with your criticism and you have a right to your opinion. But I can’t and won’t post your comments until you clean up your language. I’m also sorry that you can’t seem to cope with your troubles without a fowl mouth. But if all you are looking for is a fight? You can go somewhere else and you will be blocked.

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Judith said...

I'm sorry to hear you've had to deal with impolited commentors on your blog. Yours is such a nice blog -- a bright spot in my day very often, and often for the reasons you've stated, i.e, that despite all of the problems you're going to keep going forward.

I learned a good one today: "You can't change what has already happened." That one hit me right where I live because I can easiliy get bogged down in regret (as I did this weekend with my husband ill, the dog leaving "cookies" in the living room -- one of which I stepped in -- and my own issues). But, today I'm standing up again and going forward.

Here's to you, sister! We are not victims. We are hopeful despite all of the reasons the world gives us to not be hopeful. We fight to remain positive in the face of the negative.

And we don't post comments from rude people. Big hugs and brighter days to you.