Friday, September 26, 2008

On Missing My Knitting:

I have been a bear of late. I been getting all grumbily and out of sorts. I’ve been too busy the do much knitting. (Or writing either.) We are still canning. (Oh, for a larger or even just another canner.) Now it’s carrots and beets and with my fingers all stained up I’m not sneaking in a row or two of knitting here and there any more.

I missing the calming repetitiveness of working on soft fibers in my hand. And being a weekend knitter is not enough for me. I can hear the future socks, hats, shawls, gloves, and any number of other things calling me to play with them.

Not that I don’t like working with food because I do. And canning has it’s repetitive side to it. But lets face it, there is no comparison. Apples and Virgin Wool.

I was doing good until today. Today after more then a week with out it, we have rain. I want to cuddle up with some tea and a knitting project by the wood stove. I may just rebel and do it for a few hours this afternoon. Just to maintain sanity shall we say?

I have work to do, so I’ll just get it done and work toward the weekend and some knitting time.

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