Saturday, January 29, 2011

On Main Stream Goth:

I just saw a video on ‘How to Dress Goth.’ This was not on a Goth blog for other Goths. It was on American Consumer News.

Showing you how to buy new clothing and give them a Goth flare.

No thrift store finds. No ‘Do it yourself.’ No buying from Goth shops.

I struggled about adding the link. Did I really want to add to their hit totals and make them feel that they were in the right.

Goth is about being different not main stream.

Yes, it is nice to find more Goth stuff around, but at such a point that everyone is doing it? I think not.

I’ll still be true to myself and make a lot of my clothing, revamp thrift store finds, and/or doing without.

The day I start to buy my Goth wear at the local department store I’ll know that true Goth is dead.


Hi Readers,

I too have bought some of my Goth wear in a department store. I meant not buying it 'only' in a department store.

Thanks for letting me clear that up.

Hugs, Lady Euphoria

Thursday, January 27, 2011

On Lurking:

Some times I just go quiet. Not depressed, just observant.

I’ve have not felt much like saying much lately. I have been lurking around the internet.

I’ve been checking out all the links that the Stylish Blogger Award has generated on the blogs of the people who took up the challenge.

A lot of reading, but not much in the way of commenting by me.

I just sit back and drink in the world around me.

Let it wash over me and see what sticks.

I like to step back and look around. Not just plow through my life.

Do you ever do that too?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Having Options In Life:

Here I am up on my soap box again. I haven’t been here in a while and I have to say that I’ve missed it.

The phrase “I don’t have a life.” makes me ill.

You do have a life. You are breathing, talking, (some of you) blogging, moving individual who it seems is unhappy with the state of your social life.

You have options in this, you know.

You can get out and meet others. Volunteer. Be seen. Join groups or clubs. Help out other organizations. Protest the things you don’t like. Be where other people are. (Few of you are bed ridden and so sickly that they can’t be with other people at times.)

But you do have a life. It is what you make of it.

True. The person you want to mate up with may not be interested in you.

You may be something of a joke because of your choice of dress or other things not as fixable about yourself, but there are people out there that do see beyond skin deep.

This is a matter of self worth here. People for ages have made something of themselves out of nothing. Mostly by learning to be happy with what they are and if not, changing it.

But mostly I want to say, don’t let other peoples yard sticks knock you off your perfectly good road in life. Be the best you can be and be proud of it. Not a, ‘wish I had that’ to distraction kind of a person.

Look around at the good things in your life and put on a smile. You do have a life, and I like you for that.

Monday, January 24, 2011

On Thank You Blog Readers:

I’d like to thank all of the people who read my blog.

You make my day. Pure and simple. Thank you very much.

I know that not all of you have blogs of your own, so I can’t return the favor and look in on your life.

I know that not all of you have a follow list that brings me to you automatically. And I appreciate the trouble you take to find me each time you look in.

I think about you daily. I wonder what and how you are doing.

I wonder if you liked what I have to say enough to come back.

I try to come up with things to entertain without going overboard. (That is not changing who I am just to accumulate readers.)

I like that you accept me for who and what I am. I can open up and show you my warts, and you still like me enough to come back and play.

I would also like to invite you to my annual Thankfulness Tea Party the weekend of February 19-20, 2011.

Pick one of the two available dates.
Put on the clothing of your choice. (Dress fancy or casual.)
Add some music for mood.
Invite, or not, the people of your choice.
Have some food and treats. (You don’t have to serve tea if you don’t want to.)
Write down all the things you can think of that you are thankful for. (To be re-read to yourself in the coming year at your convenience.)

Just take some time to enjoy your own life.

Thank you readers for coming into my life.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

On Being Noticed:

Award in hand, Okay on the screen of my computer, I have been nominated for the Stylish Blogger Award. In all its silvery white and black glory. (I just love the starkness of black and white.)

Now back in the days I first started this blog I was nominated for quite a few awards but being a novice at the computer back then, and having a lemon of a computer, I couldn’t snag the Awards or pass them on.

And then there is the not playing well with others thing I have. (It is an anti rule thing. And I live by my own rules.) Nothing to do with shameless self promotion, which I am for by the way.

Amy at ‘The Ultimate Goth Guide’ gave it to me and I’m giving it a try.

1. Thank and link to the person who gave you the award.
2. Jot down 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Give the award to 15 other bloggers and let them know about it.

Thank you very much Amy at Ultimate Goth Guide, I’ll try to live up to your standard. Great Blog you have there by the way.

Facts about myself
1. I have never colored my hair. See fact #2.
2. I’m allergic to henna. And look like that blown up like a balloon allergic reaction in a comedy movie when I come in contact with it.
3. Sadly I don’t have any tattoos. See fact #2.
4. I am listening to random music on my computer at the moment, something I seldom do. I’m a music makes the mood person and need to match or create a mood with the right kind of music most of the time.
5. I am over weight and having trouble with that, but only because of my health. I’m not a fat snob.
6. The snow is deep outside and I like feeling incased in it.
7. My knitting mojo is missing at the moment.

Now for the hard part. Picking ‘only’ 15 other blogs and linking to them.
In no order, rhyme or reason. Sorry if your name didn’t come out of the hat.

Severina at The Ornigraphic Blogopticon

Whitey at Skunk Hollow

Siouxsie at Siouxsie Law

Rebecca at Scratch That

Grace at Little Black Crow

Miss Mousie at Knotty Mouse

Rainy at Honey and Ollie

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Fuzzarelly at Fuzzarelly

Sooticas at Fallen Angels & Hidden Demons

Rustic Goth at Rustic Goth

Alison at Brainylady

ScarrySweetheart at Beautiful Darkness

KT at Why Not?

And last but not least … (My first and longest blog follower by the way.)
Sue at Crochet and Garden

As Ultimate Goth Guide added in her post on this, Feel free to opt out.

Friday, January 21, 2011

On Not Going To Do That Again Soon:

I got lost yesterday. I got on one of those video game web sites.

The thing is If I had just bought the game out right I would have played it with my trusty kitchen timer like I do all the other games I play. Fun within limits.

I went there just to check out some games. You know, so I don’t throw my money away when I go shopping guessing if I might like something on the store shelves.

I don’t like to buy and down load games from the web because I add and remove things in my computer and like to replace it if and when I want to. Not to mention that some games work better in one computer system vs. another.

And when I buy something, I like to hold it in my hand. I’m old fashion that way.

So anyway, I was checking out some games. Most of these web sites give you a free hour to try the games of your choice. Well I hit on a web site that gives you four unlimited time runs of some games.

I wound up playing one game all day and into the night. Partly because I’m an addictive video game nut case, and the rest because I’m frugal and I wanted to get all I could out of one turn.

Round about midnight I took my blood shot eyes off to bed.

The sad part was I even missed an appointment. Forgot all about it I was so engrosses in playing the game. Not a good use of my time and energy if you ask me.

It was fun and informative. I learned something about myself most of all.

I’m staying away from that web site in future. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because I just can’t handle that combo. If you tell me I can enjoy something for as long as I am enjoying it and I don’t stop. I won’t stop unless I have to. (Like when Mountain Man drags me away for my own good.)

I’m still a kid at heart I guess. Or just a little immature about some things.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On Like a Snow Globe:

Yesterdays storm left us ice covered and behind icicle bars over the windows.

The world out there looks lovely all snow and ice covered and sparkly, but it is cold and damp and slippery.

You’d think that being encased in ice I would just be sitting by the wood stove and knitting with a pot of tea at hand or some such thing.

No I’m scraping the walkway outside, catching drips inside, washing stuff off that has been dripped on, and putting extra wood on the stove to dry the place out.

We did fix the older leaks in the roof this past summer. The ice jams pull the nails right out of the roof. But working up on the roof seems to have caused other new leaks. Or maybe it is just the fact that we can afford to put on a new roof that is ice jam proof.

A big bad cold front is coming and they seem to always cause extra bad leaks from the back up of the ice jams. Its an adventure living here.

But I love my home. I’d never want to live anywhere else. The good days far out run the bad, and that is about as good as it gets anywhere on earth.

And it is far better to have work to do then not in my book. Having nothing to do makes me crazy and nervous.

By the weekend it will probably look like a weird snow globe in here only it will be backed up ice jam water instead of snow flakes flowing through my ice domed home.

As long as I can keep up with the adventures, I’ll take them to boredom any day. The wood pile is still tall enough and Spring is not that far off.

Monday, January 17, 2011

On Let Me Explain:

Sometimes I forget that people move on and others take their place. My follower totals stay pretty steady, but when I look to see who is there, I see some new names and avatars.

So to keep the my newer readers up to speed I’ll explain the Thankfulness Tea Party.

Nothing political about it. It is just what it sounds like. Being thankful for things in your life and celebrating them.

Once a year I have a Thankfulness Tea Party. I’ve been doing this for way too many years to really remember when it started. But I started adding it to my blog a few years ago.

The idea is to have a Thankfulness Tea Party of your own making. A link to one of my parties.

I dress fancy, have classical music playing and using my best tea set, I put out the lace table cloths and linen napkins. I add goodies to eat and flowers on the table.

How far you go is up to you. The idea is to have fun, be thankful, and do something for yourself, along with others if you choose to invite them.

The only other thing you need is pens, paper or blank note books for each person invited to the party and time to write the things you are thankful for. (More about this in another posting.) Some folks share their thoughts, others do not. It is not required.

That is all there is to it. Some people have koolaid and sandwiches on a blanket picnic in the parlor with the kids, others have alone time and a favorite snack in a comfortable place. It is all up to you.

I’ll be posting the date soon, usually one of the last two weekends in February. I state the whole weekend so more people can join in without missing work or other obligations if the one day is already filled on your calendar. But this gives you time to think about whether you want to join in and time to get your party together if you do.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

On Blog Maintenance Reminder:

Some of the blogs I read have last year as their copy right date still on them. Time to update the blogs to keep current and protected now that we are in the new year.

By the way, last year it was February before I remembered. This time I did it the first time I was on the computer in the new year. It helps to have reminder cards.

Good blogging everyone.

On What a Year So Far:

Just since new years eve I’ve been locked up in the loony bin, had a three day migraine, and four days sick with an intestinal thing that has been going around.

And its only the sixteenth.

I still have lots to be thankful for, like I’ve been contact juggling again. And having too much fun with it to be legal.

And I did want to remind you that the annual internet Thankfulness Tea Party is coming up in February. I’m not sure which weekend yet, but it is usually in the later half of the month. A picker-upper towards the end of a long winter. So start thinking about pretty tea sets and goodies.

Also, if I asked you if you wanted to co-host it this year I need to hear from you soon. If you haven’t been asked and want to co-host it… (As co-host you’ll need to mention it on your blog beforehand to invite your readers to join in and write about your party after the fact.)… let me know incase someone I asked drops out.

If you don't have a blog of your own and want to join in. Feel free to use my comments to tell us all about it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On Picking at New Leaves:

For those of you who worry about me, we do have some safety measures in place.

I don’t cook when alone and I must stay at the stove the whole time or shut it off if I step away.

We each keep our own cell phones on us at all times.

I have a card file to keep track of jobs and chores so things don’t get too out of control. This saves on constantly replacing notes saying the same things.

I did go back and look at some of my postings and I’m trying to fulfill things I told you I would show you.

So here is the chainmail necklace I made a few months ago.

Its not too easy to see in the picture, but there is a little bird charm flying in a small fine chain over the leafless tree.

Monday, January 10, 2011

On Finishing:

Despite the fact that I was in fact ‘a finisher’ when I worked in the dress factory and that I used to finish all jobs left undone by others around me most of my life…

…Since I had cancer a few years ago I don’t seem to be able to finish many of the things I start to do.

At first I chalked it up to my mini seizure troubles. This did lead to loosing my place as I did things, and a bout or two of depression. But I tried to soldier on.

My knitting bin looks like a rainbow of discontent. Half and quarter done projects litter its depths.

I let people down by not completing the things I have said I would do. Not because I have over scheduled myself or ran out of steam. I just forget that I had said I would do it in the first place.

If I get interrupted, mores the pity. Many times I come into a room to find half done chores still waiting for me to come and finish them.

The phone rings, the dogs need water in their bowls, a song comes on the radio and I’m off in another direction not realizing that I have yet to finish the task at hand.

I am no longer the go to person when someone needs something done. I can’t be counted on to finish brushing my own teeth at times let alone putting the cap back on the tube.

Getting old is no picnic. But feeling like you can’t even trust yourself to take care of the day to day things is very disheartening.

Now, I wonder if I just have holes in my head. The seizures have not been an issue for almost a year. And still my concentration and stick-to-it-tive-ness has not come back. Maybe it is linked to my short term memory troubles, I just don’t know.

I use to wonder what my life would be like if, and when, my husband died and I lived alone. Now I wonder if I will be able to find a trustworthy sitter for myself if that day ever comes.

I’m still laughing about it at the moment. But the sad fact is, the day might come when I’ll be laughing to keep from crying.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

On Getting Lost in a Galaxy Far, Far Away:

I found my TV version of Heaven. (Okay, one of them anyway. Hulu has The Addams Family TV Series for free.)

Watch Star Trek Episodes Free or (

You to can watch all the Star Trek Episodes for free there.

Who ever put this together is doing it in a good will way.

No Money. No downloads. No email address and password access. Just click and watch for free. It is just no frills treking for free.

No commercials interrupting. He even apologizes about the few adds on the outer screen. He even has links for pop-up add blockers if you are having trouble with that. (And you can always do the small screen thing and hide the banner adds from yourself, like I do at times.)

I’ve never been to a Star Trek Convention, though my son used to go.

I don’t have a favorite character, I do have my likes and dislikes.

I just love this stuff as a whole.

All the TV Series in one place for free.

You can find me there for the foreseeable future. If I can pull myself away from the episodes long enough, I might even get into the forum there.

Star Trek - Original Series
Next Generation
Deep Space Nine

What a lot of Star Trek enjoyment I have in store.

Friday, January 7, 2011

On Deathy Subjects:

I’ve been trying to read most of all the blogs I’ve missed in the time I was away. So much so, my eyes are red and itchy.

The subject matter is mostly about restarting in the new year. Refusing to do the resolutions thing and thoughts on birthday parties came up second as subject matter.

And interesting one was on having instructions for your blog after your death. You know passwords and wishes for pulling it down or leaving it up and just adding an epitaph.

It did get me thinking again. I have not made a strict decision there. When my Ex died last spring and my daughter was having a hard time accessing his info and cleaning out his emails and other web activities, I thought hard about it.

Do I want my family going through my privet diary and letters, once my passwords are known? Hearing me moan in an unkind way about stupid stuff that I had forgotten once it was written down?

There are a some very nice things in there. But I told them about how I felt about those things at the time.

Whether my blog lives on long after I’m dead is still a mystery. I think… What if others can benefit from my blog?

I re-read a few random blog postings from my past and think, what was I thinking on that day?

I’m leaning toward leaving it up with the epitaph thing added on, at the moment, but know that my husband and daughter will probably want it taken down.

Would your family like to find your words randomly coming up on a google search in years to come? I don’t think mine would.

A lot to think about. Have a Goth day!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

On Catching Up and Gaining Perspective:

Thank you for all the support. It kind of feels like I was away for longer then I really was. Days of no crafting can do that. And there was a lot of catching up around the house once I got back.

But I’m almost done with that and I can’t wait to get back to my jigsaw puzzles, crafting, and knitting.

And the quiet. No moaning, babbling, or chatting from others.

You just don’t realize what you have until you don’t have it, even if it is only for a few days.

Take a few minutes to just walk around your place and look around. Count your blessings. It just feels good to do every once in a while.

I’ll look at this past week as a learning experience.

A good way to start any new year, I think. And its nice to know that I can still learn some new things at my age. But then again living is learning, isn’t it?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On If The Year Starts Bad, It Can Only Get Better, Right:

I really missed you guys! (As in any gender. ‘You’s Guys’) Yes I’m that old and don’t care who knows it. (Watch an old black and white movie set in New York City if you want to hear it pronounced.)

I’m home and doing much better.

The happy pills caused an allergy attack, that caused me to accidentally start a small fire knocking over a candle.

Had a ‘brief’ stay in the hospital to get everything all straightened out, meds wise. (Didn’t realize just how busy the psyc ward is at this time of year.)

All is well and I’m happy again, under my own speed. (That is, the only thing left from the experience is a slight smoky smell in the curtains.

I‘ve already downloaded a new, unburned paper toy cemetery from Ravens Blight. (Those of you who have been reading for a while know that I bury the old year on New Years Eve.) I started doing this in toy form during a very icy New Years Eve a few years ago.

Okay on to the Story:

On New Years Eve day I took my happy pills and sat down to set up my cemetery set for our little New Years Eve party later that day. I broke out in a bad hive rash along with swelling and I jumped up to get my liquid Benedry in the next room.

The table was bumped, though I didn’t notice it at that moment, and a lit tapered candle fell out of the candle holder and set the paper toy cemetery ablaze. (It was on my Formica topped table and there isn’t much of a scorch mark left.)

I came back into the room to find the cemetery play set burning and the room full of smoke. Threw water on it and it was out in no time.

Anyway, I went to the hospital to get checked out (Allergy, Meds, Smoky Coughing.) and stayed, at their behest, until they were sure that I didn’t start the fire on purpose. (Over worked Doctors on a holiday can be sooooo understanding, Not!) Got my happy meds removed and was doing a lot better. They sent me home med-less yesterday.

The food was bad, the company worse. (Some good people in a bad situation. Not that I Blame them.) The wait for the doctors to have the time to get to me was hard. (But I understand that others needed the attention more.)

It’s good to be home and back with understanding friends.

Belated Happy New Years