Sunday, January 16, 2011

On What a Year So Far:

Just since new years eve I’ve been locked up in the loony bin, had a three day migraine, and four days sick with an intestinal thing that has been going around.

And its only the sixteenth.

I still have lots to be thankful for, like I’ve been contact juggling again. And having too much fun with it to be legal.

And I did want to remind you that the annual internet Thankfulness Tea Party is coming up in February. I’m not sure which weekend yet, but it is usually in the later half of the month. A picker-upper towards the end of a long winter. So start thinking about pretty tea sets and goodies.

Also, if I asked you if you wanted to co-host it this year I need to hear from you soon. If you haven’t been asked and want to co-host it… (As co-host you’ll need to mention it on your blog beforehand to invite your readers to join in and write about your party after the fact.)… let me know incase someone I asked drops out.

If you don't have a blog of your own and want to join in. Feel free to use my comments to tell us all about it.


Mouse said...

You didn't ask.. but I would love to co-host the TTP again this year if you'll have me! Please let me know what the date is and I will make up some buttons as I did last year!

whitey said...

you did ask...but for the life of me can not remmber what it is all about sorry... my gosh girl sorry to hear you been hit again sending some well wishes your way!