Sunday, January 9, 2011

On Getting Lost in a Galaxy Far, Far Away:

I found my TV version of Heaven. (Okay, one of them anyway. Hulu has The Addams Family TV Series for free.)

Watch Star Trek Episodes Free or (

You to can watch all the Star Trek Episodes for free there.

Who ever put this together is doing it in a good will way.

No Money. No downloads. No email address and password access. Just click and watch for free. It is just no frills treking for free.

No commercials interrupting. He even apologizes about the few adds on the outer screen. He even has links for pop-up add blockers if you are having trouble with that. (And you can always do the small screen thing and hide the banner adds from yourself, like I do at times.)

I’ve never been to a Star Trek Convention, though my son used to go.

I don’t have a favorite character, I do have my likes and dislikes.

I just love this stuff as a whole.

All the TV Series in one place for free.

You can find me there for the foreseeable future. If I can pull myself away from the episodes long enough, I might even get into the forum there.

Star Trek - Original Series
Next Generation
Deep Space Nine

What a lot of Star Trek enjoyment I have in store.

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sexykangapaws said...

Oooh,I was checking out your posts (love the necklace,sorry things are so tough for you) and see that you like Trek. I'm a fan of the original and Next Gen. I wanted to get married at the Trek theme hotel in Vegas but it is now gone:( As for a favorite character, I have always had a crush on Data. He could be programmed to meet me needs;)Hang in there!