Friday, January 21, 2011

On Not Going To Do That Again Soon:

I got lost yesterday. I got on one of those video game web sites.

The thing is If I had just bought the game out right I would have played it with my trusty kitchen timer like I do all the other games I play. Fun within limits.

I went there just to check out some games. You know, so I don’t throw my money away when I go shopping guessing if I might like something on the store shelves.

I don’t like to buy and down load games from the web because I add and remove things in my computer and like to replace it if and when I want to. Not to mention that some games work better in one computer system vs. another.

And when I buy something, I like to hold it in my hand. I’m old fashion that way.

So anyway, I was checking out some games. Most of these web sites give you a free hour to try the games of your choice. Well I hit on a web site that gives you four unlimited time runs of some games.

I wound up playing one game all day and into the night. Partly because I’m an addictive video game nut case, and the rest because I’m frugal and I wanted to get all I could out of one turn.

Round about midnight I took my blood shot eyes off to bed.

The sad part was I even missed an appointment. Forgot all about it I was so engrosses in playing the game. Not a good use of my time and energy if you ask me.

It was fun and informative. I learned something about myself most of all.

I’m staying away from that web site in future. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because I just can’t handle that combo. If you tell me I can enjoy something for as long as I am enjoying it and I don’t stop. I won’t stop unless I have to. (Like when Mountain Man drags me away for my own good.)

I’m still a kid at heart I guess. Or just a little immature about some things.

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