Monday, November 29, 2010

On The Delivery Truck Just Left:

The new computer is here!!!!!

Not yet hooked up and running, but soon. Then after downloads and upgrades, configuring, tweaking and transferring of data I’ll be back in business.

This may take a few days?

A lot of new things to learn with Windows 7 as an operating system. And the loading of all my many pictures and info alone, not to mention music and the like.

I prefer to move my data myself instead of transferring it via the internet.

I need to get a few cables and such. This will be my all in one entertainment system when I have it all done.

I got an HD monitor for my new tower and hope to be watching internet TV in HD by tonight.

I’ll be back on Skype, blogging regularly again, and pictures, pretty pictures for all to see.

It took a long time to save enough money, but I now have my new computer and I’ll be naming her soon.

Friday, November 19, 2010

On None To Soon:

My laptop Gladys is dieing. Some days she just won’t start, others she goes all wonky and she doesn‘t let me on line.

I’ve been missing what all of you have been up to for the last two days. I do try to keep up when she lets me.

I guess I ordered my new computer just in time. It should be here in a week and a half, I’m told. And I can’t wait.

So if I go missing again know that this was Gladys’s last gasp. I do hope she isn’t just intimidated by the new one coming here to live.

But I’ll be back as soon as my new computer, (Yet to be named.) will get me where I need to go, and in shiny new style.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On The Throes Of Indecision:

So I am still in the throes of indecision, but past the point of feeling like throwing things.

I hate that moment of finality when I get all buyers remorse and want to throw myself down screaming ‘No! Stop! I’ll make a better decision tomorrow! I can’t take the pressure of a possibly bad decision that might come to haunt me! And what if something bad happens in between.’

And yes they do. Like say the range I picked out a few months ago that came late and broken, then replaced and dented.

So I panic. I just had to stay off the web for a few days or else I just might have canceled the order for my new computer.

Now it is too late. They started making it to my specs and the check is in the mail as they say.

Yes, it is the one I wanted and more. I saved my pennies and I don’t have any guilt about the one I ordered. I just don’t want the delivery truck to get into an accident and I’ll have to wait yet again for them to make me another or some such thing.

I could have just taken one off the shelf and had it in my hot little hands right now. But I was just picky enough and frugal also, to get more for my money by having it loaded with only the things I wanted at the level of power I wanted.

It is not a super gamer, but it will do.

So now I sit in fear of a lemon. After Rupert and his ‘on and off’ electrical troubles you would too.

I’m glad I don’t get like this with all my purchases. I’d be a flaming wreck.

I’ll be tracking my computer until they are through making it and it travels to my door. Not because I can’t want to get flying on those internet pathways again, but because I’m just a bit paranoid like that where shipments are concerned.

But when it get here all nice and new and working perfectly, and I can breathe again. I’ll be loving it. All self torture forgotten.

Monday, November 15, 2010

On Autumn Prep Time:

Day light savings time is now off the table, or clocks at the case may be. And the days are darker here in the northern hemisphere.

As a Goth I’m in heaven.

The trees are getting all skeletal and stark. The nights are longer then the days. Those vivid colors are almost gone, leaving a black and white and gray world.

I kind of missed Halloween this year. With the new baby, traveling to Boston and all, it kind of got lost. It has made me concentrate on the autumn time itself.

One of the things I love about Autumn is that it is the prep time for Winter, with out the deep cold. You get to enjoy the naked trees and bushes, baron fields, open empty forests in monotone. The open loneliness of the out of doors as people move inside to get out of the cold.

The breeze is chilly and crisp. It pulls at you, to hurry you along. Warmth inside the house is awaiting. You can hibernate more and people don’t blame your Gothiness.

Not that there isn’t work to do. Because there is quite a lot of it. Buttoning down the house for Winter. Clearing the leave away from the house. Preparing the garden for next growing season. Setting up the wood pile for easy Winter access. Getting out the Winter things.

From blankets to thick woolen socks, sweaters to mittens, cocoa supplies to baking goodies, things must be prepared for the long Winter to come.

It is a nesting thing I think. Comfy and cozy. Safe and warm.

But I still get to go outside into the stark cold lonely view from my window and dream while I walk around without freezing my ears off. Heaven.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

On Computer Home Stretch:

I am almost there in my dead computer replacement. I have been pinching my pennies and pouring over the latest makes and models.

I can’t wait to be able to show you pictures again. Sooo many things I’ve wanted to show you over the last few months since my old computer ‘Rupert’ started shooting sparks.

I will have to find a name for the new computer also. I’m leaning toward a girl this time. Enchantress, Dysenteria, and Morticia are on the short list. But more names keep on coming up for review. I’ll know it when I hear it paired with the new computer.

I will confess that I also want the new computer to video phone (Skype) with my grandbaby. I can see him, but he can’t see me right now. Not that he can see all that well at this time, but I want to be visible when he can. And I still want to be a blob on the screen as I talk to him with his current viewing abilities.

We are going out to look at a few computers later on today. I’ll order direct from the company, but I want to take a look in the stores just the same. And who knows, I may hit a sale on one of the ones I want.

It will take days to get all my stuff organized and into it once I have the new computer, but I’ll be able to fully function again. And that will be just lovely, don’t you think?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Crafting Reborn:

Now that there is a little one in the family again I can’t wait to start working with fabric again.

I loved making cloth toys for my kids. From patchwork quilts with roads and parks, soft blocks and toys, to dolls and dress up costumes. My sewing machine was rarely put away in those years.

I have been hatching some lovely Goth ideas for toys. (Still in the working stages.) Time to raid the fabric stores after Halloween I think for fabric with bats, skulls and black cats on them.

I’m not sure how the parents said grandchild will feel about them. But I think that the kiddle will have fun.

I can’t wait to unearth the sewing machine and get working on a few things. I’ll have to wait until Mountain Man can get my large plastic boxes of fabric out of storage.

As of yesterday, the kitchen sink is back together complete with a new fixture, for those who were waiting with as much anticipation as I was.

Now I can move on to crafting up a lot of fun.

Friday, November 12, 2010

On Routine:

I’m trying to get back to my old routine. Trying being the operative word.

I keep being distracted. Mostly by things being out of place. Man logic strikes again.

Seven pairs of shoes in the kitchen so he didn’t have to walk to get them from the bedroom eight paces away.

Nine hats on the backs of chairs. My stair stepper has been changed into a coat rack. And the kitchen sink has been taken apart. These being only a few of the changes.

Was I gone that long? Didn’t he know I was coming back? Wasn’t he on the phone nightly, begging me to come home early?

I’ve decided to move these things back into place as I march around the house at my exercises. Killing two birds with one stone as it were.

You can’t sweat the small stuff, but sometimes it can gang up on you and break your routine.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

On No Place Like Home:

Well I’m home and missing the grandchild as well as his parents.

It does feel good to be home though. My own bed and no late night screams for food. (Not that I had to wake for that part of it.)

I’m not good at leaving my comfort zone. I can and do leave it. But I don’t like it. And when I have to go on a trip, I bring way too much stuff. (Although I did pack lighter and used all but two things this time around.)

For me ‘home’ is more then a place to hang my hat. It is an escape from the big bad world. It’s not the things in it, it is the things that are not here.

No ridicule of the way I dress. No one dictating the way things are done. No following others schedule. No missing my TV shows. No putting up with food not to my liking.

Not that going to my daughter house is like that. Because it is not. In fact they try hard to make thing nice for me. From fresh flowers in my room to special food in the house just for me.

But no matter how many nice things that surround me else where. There is no place like home for me. I can be totally myself at home. Even if the self I am, is the one that is missing my grandson.

No real worries though, I passed the torch to his other grandma. Not that they couldn’t handle it, but no one does as well on too little sleep.

And I’m now sleeping through the night in my own bed. There is no place like home.

Friday, November 5, 2010

On Abuse:

I have been peed on, pooped on, thrown up on and had my ears pierced with blood curdling screams and I’ve been loving very minute of it.

How do those little bundles of wrinkled flesh wrap us around their very little fingers so tightly?

I’m tired and achy and happy as a lark.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ready to be a mom again by and stretch of the imagination. But I have to admit, I’m loving this Grandma thing.

Even with all the unintentional abuse.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On Remarkable Babies:

Well, for now, I only have eyes for the Heir Apparent.

I am smitten. Blood curdling screams, red angry face and all.

Despite the poking and prodding by doctors, nurses, and technicians, he is a good baby.

He has conjunctivitis and his eye is goopy, but he is not very fussy and only cries when he is in need of help or food.

He has a cute crooked smile and is rarely not in motion in one way or another even in his sleep.

He doesn’t mind my being a sub for his mom and dad as they get some much needed sleep.

He could hold his head up from the first moment of birth and does so at every opportunity.

Yes I am biased. But still, to me, all babies are remarkable.

(I am still committed to not making this into a Grandma blog so just bare with me as I gush over him at this time. I‘ll be back home in a week or so and have my mostly boring old life back again soon.)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On New Grandma:

It is official, I’m a grandma!

But enough about me.

It is a Boy! The Heir Apparent.

In the wee hours of the morning.

Mom was in labor for almost 40 hours. Hard labor for most of it and she almost had to have a C-section. (She wanted to deliver naturally.)

He was turned to the front causing much back labor and his umbilical cord was short, making him unable to turn freely.

Dad is a trouper and a big help.

The little man is lovely and has all ten toes and fingers. 7 pound 12 ounces. 21 inches long.

I’m in love with every inch on him.

Monday, November 1, 2010

On A Quick Update:

I’m in Boston. I’m waiting to see my new grandkid, any time now. I’ll let you know more later.