Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On The Throes Of Indecision:

So I am still in the throes of indecision, but past the point of feeling like throwing things.

I hate that moment of finality when I get all buyers remorse and want to throw myself down screaming ‘No! Stop! I’ll make a better decision tomorrow! I can’t take the pressure of a possibly bad decision that might come to haunt me! And what if something bad happens in between.’

And yes they do. Like say the range I picked out a few months ago that came late and broken, then replaced and dented.

So I panic. I just had to stay off the web for a few days or else I just might have canceled the order for my new computer.

Now it is too late. They started making it to my specs and the check is in the mail as they say.

Yes, it is the one I wanted and more. I saved my pennies and I don’t have any guilt about the one I ordered. I just don’t want the delivery truck to get into an accident and I’ll have to wait yet again for them to make me another or some such thing.

I could have just taken one off the shelf and had it in my hot little hands right now. But I was just picky enough and frugal also, to get more for my money by having it loaded with only the things I wanted at the level of power I wanted.

It is not a super gamer, but it will do.

So now I sit in fear of a lemon. After Rupert and his ‘on and off’ electrical troubles you would too.

I’m glad I don’t get like this with all my purchases. I’d be a flaming wreck.

I’ll be tracking my computer until they are through making it and it travels to my door. Not because I can’t want to get flying on those internet pathways again, but because I’m just a bit paranoid like that where shipments are concerned.

But when it get here all nice and new and working perfectly, and I can breathe again. I’ll be loving it. All self torture forgotten.

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