Monday, November 15, 2010

On Autumn Prep Time:

Day light savings time is now off the table, or clocks at the case may be. And the days are darker here in the northern hemisphere.

As a Goth I’m in heaven.

The trees are getting all skeletal and stark. The nights are longer then the days. Those vivid colors are almost gone, leaving a black and white and gray world.

I kind of missed Halloween this year. With the new baby, traveling to Boston and all, it kind of got lost. It has made me concentrate on the autumn time itself.

One of the things I love about Autumn is that it is the prep time for Winter, with out the deep cold. You get to enjoy the naked trees and bushes, baron fields, open empty forests in monotone. The open loneliness of the out of doors as people move inside to get out of the cold.

The breeze is chilly and crisp. It pulls at you, to hurry you along. Warmth inside the house is awaiting. You can hibernate more and people don’t blame your Gothiness.

Not that there isn’t work to do. Because there is quite a lot of it. Buttoning down the house for Winter. Clearing the leave away from the house. Preparing the garden for next growing season. Setting up the wood pile for easy Winter access. Getting out the Winter things.

From blankets to thick woolen socks, sweaters to mittens, cocoa supplies to baking goodies, things must be prepared for the long Winter to come.

It is a nesting thing I think. Comfy and cozy. Safe and warm.

But I still get to go outside into the stark cold lonely view from my window and dream while I walk around without freezing my ears off. Heaven.

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BlackCrow said...

lucky I'm wrapped up in my blanket reading your Autumn post! It's cold here too. Boy I've been gone a while from here...a baby has appeared! Congratulations, he sounds adorable even with his goopy eye.
A friend of mine made me her Gothmother to her son a few years ago....You could be Anti-GrandGothmother?