Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On Remarkable Babies:

Well, for now, I only have eyes for the Heir Apparent.

I am smitten. Blood curdling screams, red angry face and all.

Despite the poking and prodding by doctors, nurses, and technicians, he is a good baby.

He has conjunctivitis and his eye is goopy, but he is not very fussy and only cries when he is in need of help or food.

He has a cute crooked smile and is rarely not in motion in one way or another even in his sleep.

He doesn’t mind my being a sub for his mom and dad as they get some much needed sleep.

He could hold his head up from the first moment of birth and does so at every opportunity.

Yes I am biased. But still, to me, all babies are remarkable.

(I am still committed to not making this into a Grandma blog so just bare with me as I gush over him at this time. I‘ll be back home in a week or so and have my mostly boring old life back again soon.)


whitey said...

Enjoy getting to know your new grandbaby, the miracle of birth is simply amazing to me.

rabbitIng said...

gush away, I'm fascinated! ;)