Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Crafting Reborn:

Now that there is a little one in the family again I can’t wait to start working with fabric again.

I loved making cloth toys for my kids. From patchwork quilts with roads and parks, soft blocks and toys, to dolls and dress up costumes. My sewing machine was rarely put away in those years.

I have been hatching some lovely Goth ideas for toys. (Still in the working stages.) Time to raid the fabric stores after Halloween I think for fabric with bats, skulls and black cats on them.

I’m not sure how the parents said grandchild will feel about them. But I think that the kiddle will have fun.

I can’t wait to unearth the sewing machine and get working on a few things. I’ll have to wait until Mountain Man can get my large plastic boxes of fabric out of storage.

As of yesterday, the kitchen sink is back together complete with a new fixture, for those who were waiting with as much anticipation as I was.

Now I can move on to crafting up a lot of fun.

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