Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On TV NCIS Viewing: (No real Spoilers.)

First I have to say that I hate the cliff hanger ending to any TV season.  What if they don’t come back for some reason?  And so what if the show has been renewed for next year.  That doesn’t mean that all the people I like will be back.

I’m still in shock.  NCIS did me a turn.  The season finale was too much of a shocker.  Who will be left for next season?

True there were some clues about one of the characters.  But all of the others?

Yes its true that they have a history of almost killing or even out right killing people off on that show.

I have the fist seven seasons on DVD.  And as a favorite I watch them often enough.  So I think I do know a thing or two about it.

But to risk most all of them?  And then make us wait until next September.  Four whole months of pure mind and heart investment being tortured.

Who will be left and how will the show change now?  Don’t they know not to mess with a junkies fix.  My NCIS fix has been messed with.  And I don’t like it.

If they change it too much for next year I’ll leave them cold.  I go there because they are light and funny without being dumb or goofy.  If it gets too serious for too long, I’m out of there.

I’ve had a hard life.  I don’t need it in my entertainment.

Please don’t screw with me NCIS writers.  You’ll only get so many chances and you’re looking like your getting pretty close to the edge with me.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

On Jumping the Gun:

Its another Wednesday. Not the one I had in mind when I started back to blogging. I guess I jumped the gun on this wellness stuff. I had the flu and then a nasty sinus infection. But I’m trying to get back on the wellness wagon and stay there.

Sir Handsome is still a blur in picture and ever on the go.
The wisteria is starting to bloom and I just love it.
And Mountain Man is still playing with rocks.