Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On Update After Absence:

Well in answer to your kind inquiries. I had a heart attack. Nothing massive and not my first, but enough to make me see the light and make some real changes in my diet, exercise, and outlook.

I’ve lost some weight and have more to go. I exercise regularly and have less time to play on the internet or play my video games. I am on a carb light diet. And as a carb addict, it has been rough. Not one desserty thing since the end of January.

I’m working hard to get my self into good health. I walk, I lift weights, I do cardio workouts. I am taking my writing seriously and myself less so. I have tried to stop embracing others pain as my own. A tough thing to do as a dyed in the wool Romantigoth since birth.

Still no word on the grandbaby front. We hope for the best and expect the worst. So anything is still possible. And we pray.

The break from blogging, both writing and reading, was needed. I had some self discovery to do. Ducks to get back in a row. Even if they were my independent, dressed in black, ducks. If you are always looking to find where your ducks are, you miss some important things right in front of you.

I did so miss hearing about what others were up to in their blogs and your comments on mine. You have been like good friends and family. I don’t live in your pocket, but I like to know how you are doing and getting on in this world of ours.

I’ve been writing, knitting, and crafting. But not to the extent I once did. My life is not a race anymore. I don’t need to judge myself by the pile of things I did today. And the stress I let go of just doing that is amazing.

I am coming to terms with my senior status. I’m getting older in body. I don’t bounce back as well anymore. I’m not a kid. I may think young. But the body doesn’t follow like it once did. If I want it to last longer I must take care of it.

In future, I’ll try to be around about once a week. I still want blogging to be part of my life but not all the living I do.

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. Lady Euphoria