Monday, November 29, 2010

On The Delivery Truck Just Left:

The new computer is here!!!!!

Not yet hooked up and running, but soon. Then after downloads and upgrades, configuring, tweaking and transferring of data I’ll be back in business.

This may take a few days?

A lot of new things to learn with Windows 7 as an operating system. And the loading of all my many pictures and info alone, not to mention music and the like.

I prefer to move my data myself instead of transferring it via the internet.

I need to get a few cables and such. This will be my all in one entertainment system when I have it all done.

I got an HD monitor for my new tower and hope to be watching internet TV in HD by tonight.

I’ll be back on Skype, blogging regularly again, and pictures, pretty pictures for all to see.

It took a long time to save enough money, but I now have my new computer and I’ll be naming her soon.


rabbitIng said...

Go for it!! ;)))

looking forward to the 'new you' ;)

Mouse said...

hooray congrats! I'm so excited that you have a new laptop!