Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On If The Year Starts Bad, It Can Only Get Better, Right:

I really missed you guys! (As in any gender. ‘You’s Guys’) Yes I’m that old and don’t care who knows it. (Watch an old black and white movie set in New York City if you want to hear it pronounced.)

I’m home and doing much better.

The happy pills caused an allergy attack, that caused me to accidentally start a small fire knocking over a candle.

Had a ‘brief’ stay in the hospital to get everything all straightened out, meds wise. (Didn’t realize just how busy the psyc ward is at this time of year.)

All is well and I’m happy again, under my own speed. (That is, the only thing left from the experience is a slight smoky smell in the curtains.

I‘ve already downloaded a new, unburned paper toy cemetery from Ravens Blight. (Those of you who have been reading for a while know that I bury the old year on New Years Eve.) I started doing this in toy form during a very icy New Years Eve a few years ago.

Okay on to the Story:

On New Years Eve day I took my happy pills and sat down to set up my cemetery set for our little New Years Eve party later that day. I broke out in a bad hive rash along with swelling and I jumped up to get my liquid Benedry in the next room.

The table was bumped, though I didn’t notice it at that moment, and a lit tapered candle fell out of the candle holder and set the paper toy cemetery ablaze. (It was on my Formica topped table and there isn’t much of a scorch mark left.)

I came back into the room to find the cemetery play set burning and the room full of smoke. Threw water on it and it was out in no time.

Anyway, I went to the hospital to get checked out (Allergy, Meds, Smoky Coughing.) and stayed, at their behest, until they were sure that I didn’t start the fire on purpose. (Over worked Doctors on a holiday can be sooooo understanding, Not!) Got my happy meds removed and was doing a lot better. They sent me home med-less yesterday.

The food was bad, the company worse. (Some good people in a bad situation. Not that I Blame them.) The wait for the doctors to have the time to get to me was hard. (But I understand that others needed the attention more.)

It’s good to be home and back with understanding friends.

Belated Happy New Years


whitey said...

Yes New Year please get better ruff starts mean smooth sailing!


Goodness! Let's hope things improve.

Mouse said...

Holy shmoley! I'm glad that you are ok & that you didn't do any major damage with the candle!
As a fellow Pennsylvanian, I understand the correct pronunciation of "you'se guys"- though I've had to ween myself off the phrase b/c people here in the South take offense if you call them "guys" and they are women. Talk about getting your proverbial knickers in a twist!!
Here's to a better 2011~! *hugs*

Becky said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad nothing too bad happened, and I'm also glad you're doing much better. It's kind of funny in a sad and morbid sort of way, but it could have been awful if the fire had spread! Happy new year to you too and I hope you take some time to relax and do something great for yourself!

rabbitIng said...

sorry you've been through so much, and while i was too busy too read your blog. tho this comment is late, it is none the less heartfelt. i am going to wish you a good New Year, enjoy your new grandchild when you can, and you can probably manage without the meds - i'm going to try in spring. you're such a good person, and so is Mountain Man, joy to you!