Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On Like a Snow Globe:

Yesterdays storm left us ice covered and behind icicle bars over the windows.

The world out there looks lovely all snow and ice covered and sparkly, but it is cold and damp and slippery.

You’d think that being encased in ice I would just be sitting by the wood stove and knitting with a pot of tea at hand or some such thing.

No I’m scraping the walkway outside, catching drips inside, washing stuff off that has been dripped on, and putting extra wood on the stove to dry the place out.

We did fix the older leaks in the roof this past summer. The ice jams pull the nails right out of the roof. But working up on the roof seems to have caused other new leaks. Or maybe it is just the fact that we can afford to put on a new roof that is ice jam proof.

A big bad cold front is coming and they seem to always cause extra bad leaks from the back up of the ice jams. Its an adventure living here.

But I love my home. I’d never want to live anywhere else. The good days far out run the bad, and that is about as good as it gets anywhere on earth.

And it is far better to have work to do then not in my book. Having nothing to do makes me crazy and nervous.

By the weekend it will probably look like a weird snow globe in here only it will be backed up ice jam water instead of snow flakes flowing through my ice domed home.

As long as I can keep up with the adventures, I’ll take them to boredom any day. The wood pile is still tall enough and Spring is not that far off.

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