Monday, February 23, 2009

On The Tea Party:

The dolls had their own Tea Party in their house. I don’t know what they wrote on their thankfulness lists but they all seemed to have a nice time and were smiling when it was over.

Mountain Man joined me for the Thankfulness Tea Party yesterday. We went with a Raspberries and Cheese theme in the foods this year. We had cheese and crackers, raspberry jam, cookies and cream filled chocolates along with our tea. I even had berry flavored tea but Mountain Man stuck with his favorite orange pekoe.

I also set out a plate of pretty Victorian scrap pictures to decorate the pages of our Thankfulness books as we went along.

I dressed the table with my nicest hand made lace table cloth and we set the table with a few things from the china cabinet and some paper doilies. I put on harp music this year and lit the candles.

I dressed in my black skirt with the new overskirt and a white blouse. And we spent the next few hours nibbling and writing sharing the plate of scrap pictures and the glue stick. It was a lovely afternoon of thankfulness and watching the snow come down outside of the window.

I won’t share all of it with you as some of it was quite personal but I will share a few things from my list. Besides the obvious Friends, Pets and Family that is.

Candle light to warm a cold dark room.
Books both to read and to learn from.
A naked tree against a gray winter sky.
People who understand.
My creativeness.
Stone walls.
Special times with the ones I love.
Blustery days with my arms thrown wide, riding the wind.
Friends around the world.
A smile when you least expect it.
Writing a new story.
Black nail polish.

My heart and soul are now refilled again.


The Epitaph Contest will be back next week.


Mouse said...

Love that "black nailpolish" made it onto the list of things you are thankful for. I'm often thankful that you can now buy brand name black nailpolish (which goes on in 1 coat instead of 12) all year round instead of just at Halloween!

Rebecca Nazar said...

Love the dolls:-)

Kitty Kitty said...

How truly wonderful.. What a beautiful idea and thanks so much for sharing. I loved reading about it. I found out from reading Mouse's site this morning and came over to visit.

Judith said...

A very beautiful tea it was! I love the whole set up! THanks for sharing this tradition with us! /jb

BlackCrow said...

That's beautiful, you are one lucky woman to be able to share this with your partner!!
Yummy biscuits!
I love these black lace gloves, I wonder where mine went??
Blustery days are fantastic, I used to get my old Indian blanket and read under our pear tree in the backyard when I was a kid.
Black nail polish is like hens teeth in these parts I have to go back to the big Island, Australia to stock up on mine!
Thank you again for such a wonderful way to spend some time out :)