Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On Unearthing a Good Day:

Well we didn’t get to my Mother’s house yesterday but I did finish my sew project.

The pictures are hard to see but I added them mostly because I haven’t had any pictures on here lately.

Inspired by the clothing at Retroscope Fashions I made myself an overskirt of crushed organza.

I put it over a white skirt for the pictures so you could see it better but it was still hard to see.

Front picture of ruffles and Back picture of the bustle.

Mountain Man saw that I was feeling a bit sad about not getting to my mother’s so he took me to the cemetery for some pictures of my new bit of Victorian Gothic fashion. (He knows just how to thrill my dark little heart.)

We also went shopping and I got a lot of strange looks. But I didn’t care. I dress to please myself at home all the time. And sometimes I let Lady Deathwatch in all her Victorian finery come out to play in the real world.

I don’t have any Goth friends or even Victorian friends around here to play dress up with and only a few of my friends that tolerate my black gothy street clothing, but I still find myself having to let my Victorian Gothy side shine thru at times. It may make others uncomfortable but why shouldn’t I be comfortable or even happy sometimes too. I don’t tell them what to wear or that they make me uncomfortable.

Anyway, although it may not look it, I’m at my happiest unearthing my Romantigoth self in the cemetery taking pictures, and having my picture taken, all dolled up in my Gothy Victorian clothing.

We got some good shots before the batteries in the camera died. And I got some new stereograph pictures to play with too.


Mouse said...

I really wish that I knew how to sew so that I could make my own clothing! I can do patchwork and make those hippy 'apron' tops with the laces but that's about it. I *did* make my husband a cloak from a pattern once (Darth Maul's cloak from Star Wars) but I nearly tore my hair out doing it.
I love the outfit & the skirt is very cool!


Hi, Mouse!

Anyhoo, very nice job with the sewing. Really, screw other people and their opinions. That's my feeling.

Sooticas Dream said...

Sorry you didn't get to see you Mum. If my Mumdrives to visit me it takes approx. 6hrs (she dosen't visit often & I don't drive).
It's difficult not seeing them often, isn't it!
I suppose it makes the time we spend with them even more special!

LOOOOVE the skirt!!!! I would wear that in a second!

I know how you feel about not having any Gothic/Victorian friends locally.
I was the only Goth in the village, where I grew up. I used to get SO much hassle.
I'm glad I moved to Nottingham where there is an active Gothic/Rock/Alt. scene. I don't stick out so much now!!!
However the experiance of being pre-judged has given be thick skin & made me a stronger person, so I can't complain too much, specialy when remembering Sophie Lancaster (RIP).(jeez that really upset me)
But I still can't help but be surprised when people are shocked at what is just clothing & since Goths have been around since the late 70s & Victorina since the 1800s, you'd think the public would be used to us by now!

Keep up the Goth work! :)

The Tenacious Writer said...

Cool pic! Beautiful job on the skirt. Kind of eerie, the batteries in the camera dying in the graveyard...

BlackCrow said...

Fantastic job on the skirt maybe Mouse and me should hike up the mountain one day and visit you for some sewing lessons.
It would be so cool knowing someone like you down here in Tasmania. We could spend hours in cemeteries!
My mum lives 8 hours away! 2 hours on the plane and then 4 to 6 hours on the train depending on which one you catch or if they are running at all.
I was the only punk in suburbia and used to get beepped and yelled at by yobs, christ all I was wearing was a t-shirt with holes in it and jeans......oh and a red mohawk, pretty tame really!