Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On Pictures of Different Things:

I have some pictures I told you I‘d show you.

First of the pair of dog puppet mittens in the child size. Too Cute.

Next the prizes to choose from for the Epitaph Contest.

1-P. Stereograph Pictures. Set of three double pictures on card for the old fashion 3-D viewers printed in black and white. (Not for Viewmaster.) Choice of subject: Doll house, Cemetery, or Front yard/Garden. (These are new, made by myself and not antiques.)
2-B Bookmarks. A choice of one of two sets of four. Lady Euphoria made the lace and created all but one of the sayings on these. Paired with a bit of her tatted lace these original bookmarks were fast sellers when they were for sale.
3-N. A Tatted lace, cotton choker Necklace. Lady Euphoria designed and hand made by the lady herself in your choice of black or white.

And last the snow still left in my yard today. I’m hoping it is gone soon but the weather forecast is for more in a few days.

1 comment:

Mouse said...

You're going to make someone very happy with that pair of puppy mittens! BTW- I slammed my toe into the half open bathroom door the other day and now its black & blue.. apparently clumsiness is now being transmitted through the internets.