Sunday, February 15, 2009

On Did I Do Something Wrong?:

Is it February that makes you tired and less apt to play? Did the doldrums get to you and you are having trouble thinking up new things? Maybe it’s me and I’m not offering the prizes that excite you to join in the Epitaph Contest. Or did I insult you in some way so that you don’t want to play with me anymore.

Whatever the reason, this is the second time in a row that no one has sent in an Epitaph. I used to get Epitaphs sent in just for them to show up on the Epitaph of the Week spot. I was appreciative, so started to offer prizes. But that sort of back fired because then no one send in epitaphs unless there were prizes being offered. Now there is no one sending in any Epitaphs at all.

I know that new people have joined in reading my blog that may not have thought about sending in an epitaph, so I will continue to have the contest every other week for a while. It just may die out for lack of interest for all I know.

I am moving the Epitaph of the Week back to the top of the side bar. Winter is almost over in the northern hemisphere and few people are thinking about making mittens for those in need any longer. I’ll keep making mittens each week through out the year for the charity because the cold weather will come back and the need is likely to only get greater.

I hope that it is just a case of having other things to do at the moment and that the Epitaph of the Week will have some contributors soon. I did enjoy hearing from you and seeing how other people’s imaginations came up with Epitaphs.

The next Epitaph Contest will be on the Week of Feb. 22 - 28. Feel free to send in Epitaphs to share even if you don’t want to enter the contest.

A great big thank you to all the people that have sent in Epitaphs in the past. You get that death is part of all life and should not be ignored or avoided.

Here are the rules for writing your own headstone epitaphs and having them shown on my blog.

1. No more then 10 lines, but the shorter the better.
2. It does not have to rhyme, but it can of course.
3. Just words. No pictures, cartoons etc.
4. Nothing ‘overtly’ sexual, violent, disgusting, or racist will be considered.
5. Leave a name of who sent it. (It doesn’t have to be your real name.) But it will be attributed to that name. No name, no entry.
6. If the words are not your own. Add the original authors name if you know it. Otherwise just add ‘Anonymous’ and add ‘Sent in by’ and your name after that.
7. Spelling counts. Please proof read it before you hit the send button.


Rebecca Nazar said...

Athough, at times, I do have a grave since of humor, I haven't submitted one because I am superstitious. The idea is fun, the gifts lovely.

r said...

I'm sorry, my dear- I've been busy with random bouts of non-functioning computer coupled with non-internets.... :( I will think of some new ones for you!