Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On Selective Reading Time:

I have been cleaning house, reorganizing, and making room. And in doing so I have un-followed some people’s blogs. I feel bad about this.

I don’t know why I should, but I do. I will still be looking in on most of these blogs I just won’t be reading them within twenty-four hours of their posting anymore.

I will say that a few have lost my faithful viewing. Either they post far too infrequently to hold my interest or I grew bored with what they had to say. This is not to say that they are boring just that I have moved on.

Know that I am keeping up with the average of fifty blogs in my following bin and I also have a hundred or so bookmarked in a folder and I pop in on them when I have the time. This is added to by the blogs I am reading their backlog of stories and stuff.

What I realized was that I hardly ever read a book anymore. The same book has sat on my nightstand for over a month. My current read used to follow me around to be glanced at every chance I got. But as my blog list grew I have been becoming a desk potato. I walk around with blood shot eyes from computer screen strain. It was time to be kind to myself.

I was using my knitting and exercise bike as an excuse to read on for hours each day. But we knew it couldn’t last. I was running out of clean clothes and I had stopped doing my daily walk.

I love you guys in Blogland. It’s a wrench to pull myself away. But I have to do other things in my life too. So, I will still check in on you from time to time, just not as often as I once did. You didn’t do anything wrong to drive me away I just got tired of looking at the dishes and laundry pile up around me while I sat around reading your blogs. It could only last so long.

See you later. Lady Euphoria

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Mouse said...

I think my Google Reader feed list is up to around 250 blogs... though I do admit that I only scan through a lot of them. I like the feed readers because then I don't have to go around to all of the blogs I read and look for a new post, it just comes to me. It does however make for a huge time suck...
Let me know when you've picked a day for the internet tea party so that I can go find something suitable to wear!