Saturday, February 7, 2009

On Buttons and Bones:

Yesterday I was doing my weekly clean up of all the stuff I leave laying around. I like to start the weekend tidy in case someone shows up for a visit unexpectedly. I was in a hurry to get it over with because I was going to see the Coraline movie at it’s very first showing at 2:05 in the afternoon.

Mountain Man was restocking the indoor woodpile and we were doing the dance of avoidance. You know the way you flit through rooms with your arms full of stuff and you side step this or that or the other person doing the same thing. I was flitting. Not so much Mountain Man with his arms full of wood.

I thought myself quite good at that dance and I rarely do crash into anything along the way. Laundry headed to the wash room. Books to the living room shelves. Crafting stuff to it’s bins and containers. I was on fire. A fairy in flight. Nothing could stop me now. Crash!!!!! Was that exercise bike always there?

I spend entirely too much time without shoes on. I know this fact because of the number of times I have broken my toes on things around the house and yard in the past. I don’t even bother to go to the hospital for most breaks anymore.

I know the drill. They pack it in ice, ask me if I can feel it when they touch my toe tips, take an x-ray, charge me a lot of money and tell me to wear hard shoes for the next six weeks until it heals. I didn’t go to the emergency room. For a foot yes, for a toe no. I did pack my left foot in ice. I got in bed and put it up on a pillow.

I watched Young Frankenstein and Space Balls on DVD because I felt in need of some Mel Brooks medicine and I ate cookies in bed.

I didn’t get to the Coraline movie‘s first showing. By the time the swelling when down enough to let me put my shoe on Mountain Man had already left to go to a prior commitment and I couldn’t get to a later showing.

I will get to the movie sometime this coming week. I’m determined. I’ll be the one with the limp and grimace. My two broken toes on the out side of my foot safe in hard shoes.

Did I tell you I spent most of my childhood in saddle shoes?


Mouse said...

I love 'Young Frankenstein' ("walk this way....") and Space Balls ("You idiots.. you've captured their stunt doubles!!") but I'm very sorry that you missed Coraline. The movie theater is WAY out of my driving comfort zone (which is very small) but I know that my son REALLY wants to see the movie & so do I. Maybe we'll go next week when the crowds have died down.

Rebecca Nazar said...

Sorry out the toes. Blazing Saddles is good, too.