Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On A Busy Day:

On A Busy Day:

I was supposed to visit my Mother tomorrow but the weather is not cooperating. I hate when that happens. I had my week all planned out.

I’m in the middle of a sewing project that I started yesterday afternoon. There is the Internet Thankfulness Tea Party coming up on Sunday and I hope to see you there by the way. We are busy on Saturday. Mom works on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Friday Mountain Man has an eye doctor appointment. So Wednesday was it for this week.

Mom lives some three hours away, with mountains and valleys in between so now we will have to try to fit a much shorter visit in this evening after she gets off work this afternoon. Mountain Man doesn’t like to drive in the dark as much any more so he is not happy about this.

We like to get a longer then two hour visit in when we have to drive for six hours in a day. And staying over night is out of the question. Between the old sick dogs at home and the woodstove for heat. We never go away for an over night in the winter.

So, now I have to rush around and try to fit the visit in today. I have a lot to do so I’ll see you later.

PS: I have a new story up for you on Thrill or Shiver today.

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Elusivemine said...

Yeah, I hate it when plans don't go according to your expectations! Hopefully you work something out.

And your knitting, dare I say you knit me some gloves?! I need some, it's so cold here.

Oh, and your stories, are marvelous. :D Hopefully, I'll post one of mine soon.

Be well.