Thursday, February 26, 2009

On Sewing Dress Up:

I got up early this morning and you found me with a mouth full of pins because I was sewing away for the last couple of hours.

I love to go thrift shopping then taking the clothing I find there and changing them into something new and different.

Last night I was watching the movie ‘Lemony Snicker’s - A Series of Unfortunate Events.’ I just love the clothing in that movie. So Victorian, yet twisted just a bit.

I woke with an idea for changing the sleeves on a extra large men’s black cotton shirt I have been reforming for myself. Fortunately the sleeves were over long and I could cut off the cuffs, slim the arms and hem it so it came a few inches down my hands with a button on the inside in the opening slit left from the old cuff. I had put in a few darts to slim it around the waist the other day.

Sorry, I didn’t think to take pictures before I started the project.

I’m thinking of adding removable puffs to the top of the sleeves in a complimentary fabric. Give it a ‘leg-o-mutton’ Victorian, puffed sleeve look when I want to. And I was going to change the collar but it stands up in a nice stiff way without scratching. So another blouse will get the ruffle collar I was thinking of making here.

I also want to make a mini cape. Just an over the shoulder thing with a ruffle hem coming to about half way between the shoulder and the elbow with a bow at the neck. I can use this to change the look of a few different tops.

I like making pieces that can be moved from one dress, top or skirt to another. I like mixing things up while also saving space in my closet. It also helps when I can get others to join me in making cemetery pictures. They don’t need to have a Victorian wardrobe just for an afternoon photo shoot. And with the use of a few pins or ties they can be used by almost anyone over their own clothing.

Add a puff to the sleeves on a blouse and a separate bustle or train over the waist of a skirt, that can be any length really, and you have a whole new look. I love the mix and match quality of black.


Mouse said...

Funny you mentioned that movie.. I've been wanting to see it again because of the costuming. Another movie that I find interesting more for the sets than the costumes is "Nanny McFee" with Collin Firth & Emma Thompson.. its sort of whimsical Victorian in nature.

BlackCrow said...

Hey same here, Mouse....I've had it set aside to watch during the week along with Withnail and I!!
I'll have to check Nanny McFee out sounds interesting.
I've a pattern for a Bustle skirt that I intended to make 2 years ago but haven't been game enough to give it ago on my own....embarrassing I was stumped at the thought of making a button hole!!