Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On An Invitation to Tea:

After mentioning the Thankfulness Tea Party that I have for myself each year, I had gotten some interest from others for knowing the date I would be doing it so that they could join me from their own homes.

I have decided to have the now Internet Thankfulness Tea Party on Sunday February 22. I hope that twelve days is enough for you to get something together so that you can join me. If not, feel free to do it on the closest day to it that you can.

All you need is a few special treats to eat, a table setting for yourself that you think will work for your tea party. (I always add some of those lacy paper doilies to dress up the table and on the plates of goodies to make it festive. Some years I have flowers on the table too.) Add some pretty writing paper or a note book with a pen or pencil.

Guests, are of course, up to you, just be sure that they understand the reason they are there and that they have something to write out their things of thankfulness too. The idea is for self knowledge not necessarily sharing so the sharing is also an individual thing.

I dress up for this but the dress code is also up to your liking for the day. Sometimes just a pretty hat, shawl or piece of jewelry is all that you need.

Remember the point is to set a mood of happy thankfulness by surrounding yourself with nice things. Start by having some nice music playing to add to the mood, make yourself some tea or other such drink that you enjoy with some special treats to eat. Then take some time to write down the things that you are thankful for. If you like, you can hold onto the list for next year and read them back to yourself, but this is not necessary. If you blog feel free to let us know how your tea party went for you.

That is all there is to it. I hope that you all join me in this new yearly holiday.


Judith said...

Magnificently cool idea! I'll plan to do this at my mom's. I'll see about bringing one of her sisters over to visit her (neither one of them drive and one of her sisters lives fairly near me). It will be a day of thankfulness that some folks are still around. Yes, that will be good. And I am thankful that you came up with the idea.

BlackCrow said...

Just checking in my little black book to see if I'm free that day.....Yep nothing going on here.
I just bought a new tea pot and it needs to be broken in....so to speak! I think I'll make some jam short breads and maybe a little kougloff!
Looking forward.
And thanks for the idea!!

Mouse said...

I'm definitely in.. its going to be victorian gothic finery and yummy sweets! I'll be sure to set up my tripod for the camera & take some photos!

Katt said...

Huzzah! Look forward to this with pleasure! :)

Katt said...

Oh, hate to mention this- your beautiful invitation has a typo; it really should read 'You're Invited,' ('you are,' rather than 'your'). I love the typeset, by the way. What is it?