Friday, February 13, 2009

On Silly Day the Thirteenth Feb. 09:

Freezer Tag Day:

How strong is your stomach? Are you ready to play? Well today is Freezer Tag Day. It is time to clean out the freezer of all the old food being stored there. The larger the freezer the more people you can invite to join in. Make a party out of old food prep.

To play you only need to clean out your freezer, prepare and eat the oldest things in it. Some families play that you have to have to eat the oldest foods in the oddest combinations. I find that covering most anything in chocolate syrup can help get it down.

We always play the game at the end of winter when cabin fever makes people ready to try most anything.

All bets are off as to who will get sickest. Now that we play it yearly there is always the joker that puts some things back in the freezer that is almost a year old already and hides it in the back of the freezer in hopes it will still be there for the game next year. (I’m on to you!)

The rest of the food that is on the older side, gets eaten over the next week by the people still standing. And I have to tell you that the food combinations can get interesting.

By the end of the week the freezer has been cleaned out, the household is glad for plain home cooking again and some people have had a vacation at the hospital and came back a few pounds lighter.

* I would caution anyone not having cleaned out the freezer in a long time to try Not to kill off the family with food far beyond the expiration date. This is a way to have fun doing a boring household job and not meant to do harm. *

Have fun! What was the thing you ate on Freezer Tag Day and lived to tell the tale?


Rebecca Nazar said...

Awesome idea. In the past, I've felt so guilty just throwing things out. You've eliminated that problem, and I can eat to my heart's detriment. Thanks:)

Mouse said...

I've never played freezer tag but the weirdest thing IN my freezer at one point (when we lived in Colorado)was a whole pheasant - feathers and all. Someone who hunted had given it to us and I didn't know what to do with it. I did get a bunch of pretty feathers from it but the rest got chucked in the freezer.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Mouse,

The weirdest thing in my freezer at one time was my daughters Hamster. It died while I was watching it while she was in college and she wanted me to hold onto it until she got back so she could bury it herself and say good-by.

Lady Euphoria

Judith said...

I'd never heard of this, but i love the concept! Funny! /jb