Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On Who is that in the Lavender and Lace?:

Lets see, I’m back to knitting mittens for the homeless. There is house cleaning and shopping going on. And the shopping is more restocking than anything else.

I did go to the thrift store. I’m on the hunt for a dress and clothing for my daughters wedding in August. The colors she has for the wedding are not my colors so I will probably never wear it again. Nor is anything about this wedding my style.

Don’t get me wrong here. I love my daughter and I’m happy to do it her way. I just don’t have anything close to her modern style, natural, neutral, type thing going on in my closet.

I’m frugal. There I said it. I like to get my money’s worth out of the things I purchase. So though I want to look good and yet not steal the show from my daughter, I have the need to not break the bank on a dress that I won’t wear again.

Any other wedding and I’d either just be myself or borrow a dress but this is my daughter here. All black is out and will not be seen for days at this event. And I’m not free to do the lavender and lace thing either. All my pretty Victorian things will be staying home too. My wings are not allowed or my clunky boots.

This wedding is a long weekend affair, three days of meet and greet, at a retreat center/ organic farm out of state. Relaxed and laid back for the guests but with the self imposed freaky ban in place, not my thing at all. I just may have to buy casual clothes for this thing.

So I went to the thrift store and bought some light colored flowing skirts and matching cool cotton blouses and a few fifty’s style cotton dresses with the buttons down the front. (At least I can make them over to a Stevie Nicks thing afterwards and fifty’s goth is cool.) This shopping of course induced a quick trip to the craft store to buy some yarn. You know I’m gonna’ need a new shawl or two for this.

Do you think I can hide a small pair of wings on the back of a corset under my clothing to get to keep a piece of myself in a daughters wedding world?


Mouse said...

How about a shawl with bat lace or wing designs in it? Non-Knitters would never notice such a thing but you would know it was there. I love Stevie Nicks..
Also.. remember that you can tea-stain any of those lighter outfits and make them over afterwards. I hate dressing for weddings, my SIL's was a nightmare because she had a "freaky ban" in place as well on top of the fact that it was in SOUTH GEORGIA IN JUNE. Talk about hot!

Rebecca Nazar said...

Oh my, Stevie Nicks, that takes me back. I loved her--still do. Absolutely wear those wings!