Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carnivorous Plant Terrariums:

Well the carnivorous plants are doing well in there new homes. I managed to get a large matching Cookie/Apothecary jar from my local Target store. The jars stand over a foot high, 35 cm, with the lid on and have a nice 7 1/ 2 inch, 19 cm, across opening. They are very reasonably priced, and there are smaller sizes for the less adventuresome. Small stones, Peat moss, plants, water to top of stones. The white in the jars are thermometers so I can keep them comfy.

In this one I have a Sundew on the left, two pitcher plants in the center of the picture, and a Butterwort on the right.

And in the other are my Venus Flytraps.

I also got a Cryptanthus bivittatus or ‘Pink Star’ this year. She is not a carnivorous plant but with those nice sharp saw tooth edges to her stiff leaves I could pass her up. She is just a bit dangerous too. In the day time they are all on the window sill, with their lids cocked open a bit so they can feed.

Well February is almost over and it is time to get those seeds for the garden. I know that there is still snow on the ground but if we are going to start the seedlings we will have to get started soon. The end of May will be coming faster then we believe it will at the moment. And the little seedlings with be going in the garden by then.

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CP Guy said...

Great pictures! I like the big glass carnivorous plants terrarium you have setup! Do you leave the lid off to let little insects in, or do you feed them yourselves intermittently?

-CP guy