Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On Busy Canning:

I thought you might like to see what we’ve been up to. We have been busy with our autumn harvest and some days the canner doesn’t have time to cool completely before the next batch is lovingly placed inside.

The quarts of canned corn are cooling while Mountain Man is preparing tomatoes for juice and the canner is out of the picture but merrily canning another batch.

Every year it seems like so much food as we fill the quart, pint and a half, pint and half pint jars, as they make their way through the canner. Yet we never have any left over food when the next years veggies are ready to be canned.

It looks nice to fill our small pantry, we know it would never really feed just the two of us for the coming year. We still go to the grocery store to by fresh foods almost every week and the all the jars are empty when the summers harvest starts again.

I know that most people wouldn’t have the room to store enough food to last a year. I also know we don’t have that much space or jars either. It is fun to think about living self-sufficient but a lot harder to do. Still I like doing my part in canning some of the food from our own garden to eat through out each year.

The garden is almost through giving us it’s fruits for the year, but until then you can find us canning in the kitchen.

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