Sunday, September 21, 2008

On All Things Being Equal:

Tomorrow is the Vernal Equinox. The day will have half sun light and half dark. People all over the world will scramble to balance eggs on their points as we in the northern hemisphere move into the winters half of the year and those in the southern half move into the summer.

On the egg thing. I was one of those kids who didn’t know that you were only supposed to be able to do that on the Equinox, so I did it all the time, on any day I pleased to apply myself. It’s one of those if they tell you that you can, you put the time into it things.

Back to the Equinox. I have always like to note transition. So the Equinox is my kind of day. But in that I have always felt it a little lacking. As a child, like most children do, I wanted everything to be equal and fair. And nothing for me brought that to mind like the Equinox. A Day of Equality, split right down the middle.

Tomorrow I will not be balancing eggs. I’ll be praying to my superior being of choice, for a world that is more equal and fair, for more love and kindness to even out the meanness and corruption on my TV News each night and a balanced outcome to the economic troubles our world is in. But mostly I will be praying for peace between the peoples of the world like I do every day.

And I will also be celebrating the changing of the days as time marches on. But all things being equal, of which they are not, I will smile a bit more to even out the sad that will surely come to all that live in trying times.

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