Sunday, September 28, 2008

On Finding a Better Exercise Coach:

On the advice of others, experts included, I upped the intensity of my exercise routine. And I was right, (I get to say that now.) I was already at the top of what my body could take. I was not wimping out, making excuses, or exaggerating and I’m not afraid of pain.

I tried to up my exercise level, like you insisted I could easily do, and I’m hurt instead. My knees are packed in ice, my wrists won’t even let me knit, my back is screaming and all I did was up the weight by one pound in my hand weights while walking and weight training. I didn’t fool around or do something silly. I didn’t even do any extra reps or the new exercises you wanted me to add.

I listened to you and not my own body, heart and soul. You thought I was being lazy. I saw it in your eyes when I told you I was doing all my body could stand. You shamed me into doing something I knew better then doing, just to shut you up. And now you don’t even say that you are sorry or that now you know my threshold, just that I should try harder next time.

Since you can’t tell when someone is telling you the truth. You are fired. Your credentials must be bogus. You are a sadistic monster. And your check is in the mail. By the way, I good coach knows and protects the team members from harm while getting the most out of the players. And doesn’t just bully people into giving them more. I have plenty of people in my life I don’t even have to ask to bully me. That was the reason I was looking for you in the first place so I could get the most out of my exercises without getting hurt. Good-bye.

When I can move again I will be looking for a new exercise coach. But this time instead of looking in a gym for someone with training and a degree, I’ll be looking for a friend who I trust and who trusts me.

Unfortunately Mountain Man and I are on different schedules and with my morning personality he is still asleep when I’m exercising and he is a night person exercising in the afternoon when I’m too pooped to pop. We have tried to exercise together but it always falls apart. We know what works for us after nineteen years together.

So I am looking for a new exercise coach who understands I am committed to loosing weight, I’m dieting already (Just not fad diets.) and that I’m telling the truth.

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Judith said...

Oh, dear, I'm so sorry to hear that upping the intensity went so poorly. My trainer will up the weight only 5% to 10% at a time, and then not do as many reps because the body needs to get accustomed to it. I wish I could send my trainer to you because she understands how to do these things without adding a lot more pain. Next time I'll just keep my mouth shut and my fingers away from the keyboard, OK?

mea maxima culpa