Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On Testing and Other Subjects:

I have been at the hospital since early this morning having tests. Not to worry these are my periodical after cancer tests. I’m being tested top to bottom most of the week. My bones are scanned, I’m radiated, blood tests and the works.

On another subject. I have been reading a lot in my books and magazines on writing. And according some of the people claiming to be experts about the subject (and there are an offal lot of them) I have broken just about every rule they could come up with here on my blog.

I have noted that if I did follow all of their rules to good writing I wouldn’t be able to put finger to keyboard there are so many contradictions. Frankly I’m partial to the fellow that said the ‘rules are meant for breaking’ at this point.

So for now I’m sticking to what works for me.

Yes, I know I was a bit upset about yesterdays blog and spelled words wrong. That aside, I’m going with the friend to friend chat type of blog and using the ‘right’ way to write in my fiction. That is as soon as I discover what that is.

Until I become wickedly famous and have to go into seclusion , your gonna’ get little ole me from the heart.

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