Saturday, September 27, 2008

On a Gloomy Day:

After two weeks of sunshine I was ready for some rain. More then just my garden has needed a gloomy day.

I just have to say it. I love a gloomy day. No squinting headaches from the sunshine. No over heating from the sun on you while you work outside. People shrink back into themselves and leave you alone so you can get something done.

You can see things about people on a gloomy day. The sunshine isn’t bolstering them up. Yes, there are those nasty people that use a rainy day as an excuse to be mean. But all-in-all a gloomy day is a relief.

You can get down to business without chatty people interrupting. Mountain Man likes the sunshine but can appreciate the gloom. I on the other hand hate to be out in the sun. I love outdoors but you will find me in the shade.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the sunshine and I would and do miss it when I haven’t seen it for a while. I know we need it for things to grow. But I just don’t do well in the sunshine. I’m the person that gets a sun burn on a cloudy day. In the sun I’m a mess.

On a gloomy day I have the whole world to explore. I’m free to see nature around me and watch the flowers grow. And I can come out from under the shadows.

My yard and garden is still beautiful on a gloomy day. Enjoy!

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