Thursday, September 25, 2008

On Memories, Freedom and Halloween:

Despite the fact that autumn is cloudy a lot of the time I love the light of autumn. The slant of the suns rays. The availability as the trees loose their leaves. Some of my earliest memories have autumn lighting and this same lighting brings them back to me.

Most of my childhood memories are in the autumn. Starting the school year and making new friends as the classes were remixed. Renewed energy for fun once the days stopped being so hot and humid. Climbing trees and watching my neighborhood from on high with new vistas as the leaves fell to the ground and out of my way.

And of course Halloween. Memories of Halloween are many. Costumes and makeup, candy and parties, Mischief night and scary stories, all thrilling my fertile mind. I still love to dress up and change who I am for a short time. And now I don’t need to wait for that one day a year I am allowed to travel forth so clad.

Of course Pirate garb and eye patches don’t go over well at the grocery store but I limit my forays to the house and yard most of the time. I have the luxury of a yard that few if any neighbors can see into. That said, I do on occasion go about in my Victorian costumes to cemeteries and stop at the store on the way home.

I show and tell about what I am doing and get long sighs with looks of longing as they say to me, ‘I wish I could do that.’ I hand them my card knowing that they are not free enough to join me. They will wait until Halloween and even then only wish they could metamorphize into someone or something new for a few hours. Or to even just expand on themselves.

I have the gift of freedom to be more then the packaged norm. In that I am a scary person to some minds. I am different. This Halloween, break the mold and join me. It may be scary and you can always go back to your comfortable self the next day, but don’t miss the opportunity to experience that freedom for yourself. You just might learn something about yourself. Remember the fun of childhood?

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Zara said...

Too have some beautiful and unforgettable Halloween memories.