Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On My Own Kind of Blogging:

I was just sitting here thinking about life, the universe and everything, and thought about how someone asked me why I hadn’t commented on any of the recent disasters or politics in the world on my blog?

I would like to publish some of the comments that get emailed to me about my blog but I can’t break my family and friends of emailing me at my privet email address that is not connected to the blog. So I am sometimes forced to jump over their heads and write a blind blog about a subject not in the comments boxes.

Anyway, in answer to that, I know that there are many blogs out there that do talk about those things. I see no need to rehash those things here at this time. I try hard to limit my blog entries so as not to over load anyone with time consuming diatribes or rants. And I believe anyone who wants to know how I feel about a subject can of course email me and ask.

I like to think of us as friends talking over tea and don’t want to abuse my friendships by getting into all the destruction and stupidity out there. I am an up side, cup half full kind of person. Yes, I can get down at times, I’m human. But I do try to see the good side of things most of the time.

For example I have short term memory troubles from the chemo I had a few years ago for breast cancer. I spend my days roaming the house looking to see if I had in fact remembered to do this or that job that needed doing around here. I more often then not I surprise myself with finding a job done. I don’t get mad at the time wasted getting up and looking. Instead I revel in the surprise. ‘Look the laundry is done and I don’t have to do it a second time today. Surprise!’

There are plenty of depressing Goth’s that are looking to spread their brand of doom and gloom. I’m just not one of them. I’d rather think of the possibilities.

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