Monday, September 29, 2008

On September Projects:

So I’m sitting here typing with my elbows. No not really, but I am doing the one finger method. I get pensive and bored easily. I ate too much and played video games yesterday. My knees hurt like hell but the swelling is going down. Maybe I can get out of bed today.

If I’m not keeping myself busy I’m miserable. I thought about getting myself a motorized wheelchair mostly just so I could get around. I know, too expensive for the short term. But I was getting tired of the bedroom walls and there was nothing on TV.

I love video games. Not that I’m particularly good at them. I love the going to places and worlds yet imagined by myself. I like the new worlds full of puzzle solving like Myst and others like that. I am not into the battle kind or too much mass-civilization building. I really love my ‘Sims’ but sometimes you just have to be in the mood so I didn’t play with them this weekend.

I also play the memory type of games, which is mostly what I did this weekend. I’m still trying to get my memory to work right so why not have fun doing it. I can try to match tiles or cards by the hour. If I let myself I could easily be a video game addict but I always have a guilt thing going about how much crafting I could have gotten done.

Video games saved me yesterday just like they did when I was going through cancer. When I can’t do much more then move my fingers. But they are not my world. I was chomping at the bit to get back to a knitting project I started for my daughter as a gift. So I can’t show it to you until I finish it and give it to her.

I was busy canning most of the month. That and cleaning up and storing summer stuff, fixing up thing to last the winter. You know busy, house and home, stuff. Later today I’ll see if my wrists are able to hold up my knitting. Currently, I only have larger projects on my needles. If not, maybe I’ll start something smaller like socks. Sorry I don’t have any pictures for you. With the cooler weather coming I have lots of plans for knitting in the months to come.

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