Sunday, September 14, 2008

On Wedding Weight Loss:

Help! I have my daughter’s wedding to go to in less than a year! I don’t want to be a fashion model. I just don’t want to be an embarrassment in the pictures to last a lifetime. I am having a hard time loosing weight. This is not new. It has become more complicated by my time spent in writing.

I spend hours a day at the computer writing and I’m not getting the amount of exercise I need to also loose weight. That’s not to say that I don’t exercise at all, because I do. It’s that extra amount that I’m having trouble getting.

I flatly refuse to do the fad diet thing. I am totally reasonable about my calorie intake. I take in 1150 - 1200 a day. I eat health food and I’m a vegetarian. Fad diets just mess with my other health problems. And I won’t do the surgery or pills either for the same reason.

My trouble is upping my fat burn rate. It was so easy when I could just sit at my computer and cycle away as I typed. Bicycling away thirty miles a day even at a easy pace helped wonders. But now that my knees won’t do that any longer I’m stumped. How can I burn fat and sit on my big butt typing?

It’s not that I’m lazy. I do yoga and the stair step machine, I walk and use hand weights daily. I clean the house, hang the laundry outside on the line, work in the garden and yard, plus shopping and crafting. I am a busy person.

I’ve tried to do the ‘jump up every half an hour and exercise for a few minutes’ to help keep my metabolism up, but found it really brakes up the continuity in my writing.

I even tried the speech recognition program so I could dictate to my computer while I did my knitting. This way I could have some extra time to exercise, but the program isn’t working for me. Oh yes, I can get my compute to find and open files with ease. It just won’t type what I’m saying so that didn’t work out.

I need my crafts for my sanity. I’ve done the exercise instead only to become a monster of frustration in my own home because my creative flow was all blocked. You can’t write without creative flow.

If anyone knows about an alternative that might help I’m open to suggestions? Thanks for the help in advance. My daughter’s future wedding pictures thank you also.

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Judith said...

I work out regularly with a trainer (just one day a week) who is getting her Ph.D. in exercise science (or something like that) and she's a great person when it comes to motivating me and teaching me about exercise, etc. In fact, she's a person who is focused on people like you and me (i.e., not athletes and no body builders, just regular folks) when it comes to her over all studies.

It sounds from your post that you're doing the things you should be doing. About the only thing my trainer might say is to try to increase the intensity instead of trying to increase the duration. In other words, instead of, say, doing the stair step machine for 45 minutes instead of 20 minutes, try doing the stair step machine for 20 minutes but with, say, a 5 lb. weigh in each hand. That way you increase your caloric burn without taking any more time to do it.

Other than that, I will tell you from my heart to try not to worry about it. I was at Barnes & Noble the other night and saw a book (a work of fiction) called "Thin is the New Happy." Sadly, I think this is a truthful commentary on our times. I try to be happy even if I'm not thin and remember that I am loved no matter what the number on the scale reads. I hope you know you are loved and appreciated even if your dress size is not what you'd hoped for.

And, I'm with you, sister. If knitting were an aerobic exercise I'd be a size 4!