Saturday, September 20, 2008

On Changes in Focus:

Today I am knitting. I’m working on that throw for my bed. I have five more balls of the twelve I’m using for it. I disappointed myself last weekend by only getting half of the work done on it that I wanted to. So I’m determined to manage it this time around. I can’t wait to wrap myself in the throw on these now chilly evenings.

The realization came to me while I was sitting at the hospital waiting for my tests and looking at out dated magazines. I realized something about myself, just why I wasn’t getting as much knitting done. Instead of craving a craft project in my hands like I have for low these many years any time I have to sit quiet, I wanted my laptop to write.

At some point in these last months I’ve gone from a crafter that likes to write stories to the writer that also crafts. The time I spend writing far out strips the time I spend on crafts these days. And I must say I am more content in my own skin then ever before.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’ll never give up crafting, I’m too tactile a person. But I can’t stop writing. The ideas are leaking out my ears. Even when I’m not physically writing a story down they are forming in my head. It’s like floodgates now wide open. Too much volume to stop.

I don’t know where it was all hiding in my head but the stack of index cards with idea outlines is getting crazy high. There are days I go through a package or two all while sitting and typing out the short story I’m currently working on. And I can pop them out at two or more a day if I get the computer time.

So I guess I’m saying that the focus of my blog is changing too. When I started doing this blog I was all about my craft projects but in writing about them daily for the first time in my life, I found the writer within.

Thank you blog readers. Your being there has unlocked my inner writer as I tried to make the things I was doing interesting. Yes, I know I didn’t make it at times, but the reach unlocked the block in my head. So you have birthed the writer in me and it‘s a whopper. Thank you very much.

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Anonymous said...

Only too delighted to be of assistance! ;) After all, we get the fruits of your labours.