Thursday, April 30, 2009

On Day Four, Boston:

I must say I am flummoxed. I can no longer show you the pictures I have been taking in and of the cemeteries of Boston.

I know that ultimately it comes down to money, but I am deeply disappointed just the same.

I was asked to stop taking pictures here. Something that has never happened to me before. Most places where honored ‘not’ to be forgotten. But, because these places have books for sale about them, I am not aloud to show you my vacation photos of the graves, grave markers, or statuary of the famous or not so famous buried here.

I will try to get some pictures of myself here in Boston. But, as today is the Convocation and tomorrow the Graduation of my daughter from her nursing program to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, along with the parties and other festivities, I don’t think there will be much time left for playing dress up. I came here to enjoy my daughters long worked for graduation day and the focus will be on that now that the day has arrived.

My family, nice as they are, do not want to be pictured in my blog. And they have every right to their privacy. I can respect that, so there will be no pictures of them here either.

On Saturday, while I’m still in Massachusetts, I will be meeting with and be staying at the home of a long time friend I met on the internet, (in a Harry Potter web site) back when I still had cancer. And on Sunday I will be traveling back home to Pennsylvania.

Next week I’ll be home and back in my black Victorian clothing. Perhaps I’ll get Mountain Man to take me for another picture taking spree at the cemeteries of my home turf. They let you take pictures of the graves there.


Mouse said...

My husband has been asked before to not take photos in certain cemeteries and even asked to leave! He was taking pictures of the headstones & the statues, and apparently it was "disruptive & disrespectful". Seriously? I could see how pictures of people IN the graveyard could be a bit distracting but I agree with you.. you'd think they would want these places remembered, not forgotten.

BlackCrow said...

oh poo, I was hanging out to see some cemeteries! That is so weird not being able to take photo's in a grave yard! Love the shots in forest hill, the main gate is fantastic!
The main gate looks a little creepy!
Sounds like you're having a good time there. A friend of mine worked and was married in Boston and she loved it there. She now lives in Paris, poor girl:)
I still would love to do a coffee table book of BW grave yard photo's of Tasmania.
Anyway off to bed with me


severina said...

I don't see why your photos can't be posted--they're your creative property--unless they think they can claim the graves have a copyright. (Ha!) I understand the pics in the published books being unusable but the one you took are yours.

I've never been asked to stop taking photos but then I'm usually careful to stay away from actual funerals, plus I've never had any trouble in museums either so long as I don't use a flash.

I just realized I've been too lazy to post some of my cemetery photos. *looks for camera cord*