Monday, April 27, 2009

On Day One, To Boston:

The trip was interesting.

I love to look at the mountains in spring. They look like they are covered in colorful fluffy soft wool or downy feathers. The trees all russet rouge with buds or lemon/lime from new formed leaves add softness. The mountains are also polka dotted with white or pink clouds of blossoming trees. Wonderful.

Spring brings a softness to the woods and mountains you can’t find at other times of the year.

We had a last minute set back of a broken passenger side window in the car. I spent most of the first leg of the trip holding the plastic over the hole taught to keep the noise of its motorcycle muffler drumming down to a dull roar. Once the day warmed enough we took the plastic off and enjoyed the rest of the trip. The excitement of the window helped to keep my nausea at bay.

At around 9:30 we met with my daughter in a superstore parking lot and moved my larger assortment of things into her car. Mountain Man left after asking one last time, if I wanted to go back home. (Smile on my lips because I know he loves me.) I continued my trip to Boston.

My daughter and I chatted in the car as we made our way to her third floor apartment between the Arboretum (A tree preserve park with a huge assortment of trees and bushes.) and the Forest Hills Cemetery. (One of Boston’s first established Parks back in 1848.)

I will take a moment here to say, “I have not one step in my house. Not one step to get into or out of my house.” My house is on one floor flat with the ground. (Thank the powers that be that I ‘do’ have a stair stepper machine.)

I have yet to count the number of steps from the ground to the top of the turning stair case up to her apartment on the third floor, but I made a number of trips with my larger collection of stuff from the car and later with groceries after a run to the market. My knees got a very good workout. (The run was not literal but in the car.)

The day grew to be a hot one. My ‘son-in-law to be’ made homemade grilled pizza for supper. The smell alone could have lifted you up from the ground to the table on the third floor.

They set me up in the guest room and connected my laptop, Gladys, to the web for me. (Gladys is thrilled, by the way, to be playing with the big boys.) But by then I was asleep. It had been a long and filling day.


Mouse said...

Our last house had a ton of steps.. my poor legs and back had a heck of a time. Glad you arrived safely and that you are having a good time already. That grilled pizza sounds divine!


I am back from my weekend away and just read your last three posts. Love the cactus babies!! Looking forward to hearing of your city adventures.

Rebecca Nazar said...

I'm glad you made it to Boston safely. Isn't nice to have a computer with you? It was my lifeline while in Washington. Pizza, yummy. Steps,ugh. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. :-)