Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On Shopping and Stuff Before My Trip:

My fingers were fumbling with the bobbin lace so I moved back to my striped knee socks for my boots. I’m almost caught up with the second sock so that I can finish them together. Why is it always harder to finish the last one if you finish the first one off to the end? Anyway, they now await their cuffs.

Mountain Man decided on a shopping trip because it was raining, sleeting and hailing. Fun shopping weather don’t you know. We stopped at the thrift store for a few things. My yoga clothing is getting a bit ratty. I’ve had them for about fifteen years now.

I wanted a backpack for my trip to carry my camera and stuff while I’m out seeing the sights. I picked up a lacey straw hat and replaced the bright hat band as soon as I came home with a black one. (As you can see in the picture, the bright colored fish hat band is not me.)

I found a glass seedling bell for the garden. It isn’t an old one, the glass is thicker on them. But it was cheep enough for me to buy and it will do the job.

We stopped at the music store and I got some new music for the drive to Boston on Sunday. I got The Lord of the Rings soundtrack. I just can’t get enough of that music. I sometimes put the movies into the DVD player just to hear the music while I work around the house.

I also got the Colaline soundtrack. And, you guessed it, the CD looks like a big button. I should have known.

I picked up some travel size things to take and thought of the things that they don’t make, but I still want. Like tiny nail polish bottles. Yes, I hear you. The regular size is small enough, you say.

But they are not small enough at times. I like making my own nail colors sometimes by mixing what I have around. And I’d love to be able to get some empty tiny bottles with brushes for that alone. I know that they make the tiny nail bottles because I’ve seem them in trial size nail polish gift boxes at Christmas time. I’m just saying… Who really wants to clean out the old bottles to make a new color? Am I right?


Mouse said...

I've been known to take things like that hatband off in the store after purchasing and throw it out on the way out the door.. I'm glad you replaced it. Did you find the belljars in a chain store? I've been looking for some for a display on my fireplace and cannot locate any that don't cost me a months worth of groceries. Also, I make my own nail polish colors too.. I didn't realize other people did that! I have a few empty bottles from craft things laying about if you'd like them... they held clear gloss.

Mouse said...

Found some online..


What great Goodwill finds! It's hard sometimes to find good stuff here, since people are either too thrifty of cheap to actually donate items.

Love those socks!