Friday, April 24, 2009

On Clutter Cleaning:

Today I am putting away my mobile clutter piles that seems to follow me wherever I go, so that Mountain Man doesn’t have to look at it or deal with it while I’m away.

I am also cleaning out the refrigerator of any food that only I eat and will spoil before I return. The problem with this one is, my frugalness wants me to eat all that food before I leave, but I am still trying to loose weight for all sorts of reasons. A conundrum for me.

I craft at all times of the day. I go from one thing to another and back again because my hands hurt if I do one thing for too long. This leads to many small clutter piles at the many stations of my house. Knitting at the computer, sewing at the family room table, and lace making by the TV. You get the picture.

I am also not a neat freak. I tend to leave something out if I’m only going to come back to it in a few hours, days, weeks, months. You know what I mean.

My main concern is, will Mountain Man want me and my cluttery ways back after a week of cleanliness? Or should I leave a few things laying around so he doesn’t miss me too much?

1 comment:

Rebecca Nazar said...

Oh, leave some clutter. You gotta be you. :-)