Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On A Warm Play Day Please:

Spring is late around here and I am getting tired of waiting. I have been wanting to have another picture taking session in some cemeteries around here and the weather is not cooperating.

My Victorian clothing is fine for in the house on a brisk spring day, but I look like a layered and over dressed turtle in the pictures when it is still cold outside. Some non descript lump of black stuff dumped in the middle of a cemetery.

Yes, we have had the occasional warm day but they have been used up by needed work to be done outside. I want to plan a play day and there have been too few warm days to go around.

I’m getting concerned that it will just skip spring and move onto summer weather and that is just as bad for taking pictures in. You really don’t want to see me dieing of heat stroke, in the sun, dressed in layers of black cloth. It is not pretty.

The best time for taking pictures around here in old cemeteries is the spring. You don’t have to watch out for the poison ivy like you do in the autumn and you can do it in relative comfort.

So, to mother nature: Lets get this spring thing going. If you’d like, we can do a tango to entertain you. We are getting a lot better at it.

T-A-N-G-O We want the cold weather to go.


Mouse said...

I love this photo! BTW.. I was thinking that you really need to get a new blog template, something more custom. Please let me know if you'd like to do this and we can work on something together!

Rachel May said...

I agree! It is snowing where I am. Probably won't see spring till May. Still, your dresses are lovely. Hope you get warm weather soon!

k said...

Do you have humidity? Have you had rain? I think that's what's missing. The other day, the relative humidity was 10%. That's like deep desert humidity.

BlackCrow said...

We didn't have a summer...4 days in total and now its so cold that If BF doesn't chop some wood ....I'm going to have too and that's a scary site...mad woman with an ax!!
I like the photo!! I love the bustle at the back.
Hey Mouses idea sounds cool...that should be a fun!