Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On Not So Funny:

Since I post so early in the morning on a regular basis and there have been so many news stories on the TV and the web about that internet worm set to go off on April the first, I have decided ‘not’ to turn my computer on until after I know what is going on with it.

So this message has been posted on a timer.

If my compute crashes or has been taken over by worms, I may not be back tomorrow. As of right now I don’t think I will have a problem.

I spent the day backing up files just in case, and I don’t want the added expense of having to have my computer over-hauled if I don’t have to.

I may be called a lot of things, but I won’t be called an April Fool.

May your computer be bug, worm and virus free.

1 comment:

Rachel May said...

Bring on the wormies! Good luck and all the best.